Autopsy Late fight back not enough as dogs Bow out of finals

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Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 29, 2009
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Late fight back but not enough in the end and our 2020 season ends.

Same old issues really.

Coaching continues to be a issue with structures and game plan.

We lack leaders on field.

A couple of guys just aren’t up to it unfortunately if we want to take the next step.

Out key position players especially the ruck continue to be an issue.

We recovered from a poor start to the season and fought hard all day. But we need to make some adjustments in the offseason if we want to go from a 7-12 side to a top 6 side

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Brownlow Medallist
Jan 27, 2012
On the couch
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Other Teams
Memphis Grizzlies, Aston Villa
sh*t to lose.

but perspective for me.

3 days after settlement on my first house this year I lose my job due to coronavirus. Saved by jobkeeper later on.

ive got the dogs tattooed on my skin and I ******* love the club but 2020 has shown me perspective.

good luck to st kilda next week. Rather then win than Richmond. The fact we are out sucks but in general life goes on.

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Premiership Player
May 21, 2008
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Other Teams
NZ Breakers / New York Knicks
Sounds stupid but glad we lost as we simply didn't deserve to win. We played 1 and a half quarters of footy.

With the ruck issue and English not getting support, it's as plain as day that English needs help against the bigger rucks. He had to contend with 2 today, and yet arrogant bevo still threw him under the bus

Forward inside 50s diabolical and marking inside 50 was non existent tonight. Bruce needs to take a good hard look at himself.

When we play with intensity and determination and passion we are pretty much unbeatable. Sadly clicking into that gear is sparatic and few and far between

After last years finals loss, the boys should have been breathing fire. Instead we got lame ducks who went through the motions for the most part sadly..


Premiership Player
Jul 21, 2005
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Hunter’s miss from 15 metres out on the 3QT siren cost us the game.
it’s picking at straws but there was no live play after it, no effective kick in and no change in the course of play - all it would have meant if he kicked it was another 5 points. So in this case we can pin point that that miss actually cost us the game.
RW&B out, see ya guys

Snarls Barkley

Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 7, 2012
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Other Teams
San Antonio, West Ham, Renegades
Good heart to fight back in the last but we were very poor for three quarters and the Saints should've had the game on ice. Absolutely monstered in the air.

Need to address a fair few issues going into next season, we can't be going with that ruck tactic in 2021. Also need to fix the forward line, throwing more midfielders and half backs as makeshift forwards isn't going to be the answer. We did find a winner in putting Wallis there though but Roarke and Richards deep forward in the second half was never going to work and allowed Howard to put on his best Harris Andrews impersonation.

Disappointing to get so close and lose but don't think we deserved to win so I'm not too down. Play with the intensity and desperation of the last quarter from the first bounce and the result would've been different.

Boyd oh Boyd

Premium Platinum
Nov 29, 2018
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
I'm... baffled. The players have the ability to play football at the best level in the comp but chose not to for 3 quarters. And yes, it was a choice. There is no structural move any coach could make that would explain the difference from being smashed for 3 quarters to dominating the last in that fashion. That is entirely on the playing group.

Similar to last year, we sneak in on the back of a few mids playing to unbelievable levels at the end of the year (Bont player ratings ranking #1, Hunter way up there in score involvements, Libba in the hottest form). And just like last year it comes finals time and all of these mids don't show up. The rest of our team just isn't good enough. It's win in the middle or don't win at all. Either our best players need to actually show up in finals or we need to seriously overhall a significant chunk of our team to make us more balanced (essentially rebuild).

I'll be interested to see how often we hit up Naughton as a forward 50 target. I think I saw it once? We have one of the best contested mark players in the comp and we fu** around handballing before chip kicking to someone like Crozier instead of using our best forward 50 weapon. Brainless football.

D Mitchell

Club Legend
Jul 28, 2006
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Other Teams
Footscray Football Club
One of the worst feelings in sport is the "if only I'd...". Wallis, Dunkley and Hunter will have bad cases tonight. Outplayed all match yet almost pinched it.


Coughs and sneezles spread diseasels
Sep 16, 2016
I have no idea
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
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Quite a few
Bruce has to go. Christ he is rubbish

Gardner gets a stay of execution just cause he hasn't played many games

Trengrove needs to come back in as a 2nd ruck. Ditto schache in the forward line.

We need a new forwards coach so that we can lock the ball in the 50


I ain't got this flu thing!
Apr 19, 2001
Keilor East via Chicago
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
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Chicago Cubs
I still have more than half of my pizza left. Will it freeze OK to eat next year?

Disappointing end to the season. What a year - 2020. Worst of my 68 years and it could get worse. Richmond winning the GF and something else happening a month from today might put me over the edge. A nice, spicy Bloody Mary would taste so good now... :p

Missed opportunities. Sad.

If only I would have accepted that teaching position in Bogota, Columbia 45 years ago, I would not be suffering tonight. But then I guess I might have been dead by now instead. OK. I feel better now. :)


Premiership Player
Jul 27, 2009
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Other Teams
Liverpool, Knicks, Yankees
Next year we cannot:

Have English in the ruck one out. Ever.

Have Roarke or Gardiner in the team. Period.

Play Ed because he’s Ed.

Play Bruce without any form.

Play the same hand ball happy bullshit.

Miss easy shots.

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