League Cup 2019/20

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Dec 22, 2009
South End, AAMI Park
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Socceroos, LFC, MVFC, RC Strasbourg
Liverpool making a mockery of the competition by not trying & putting out their best available team. They should be removed from domestic cup competitions & stripped of 12pts in the league
It is our best available team. The CWC squad were required to be in Qatar 48 hours prior to the first game! So with 9 out and 18 in Qatar this is the result!

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 21, 2007
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Manchester United
Looks massively like her rofl
You might think they look alike but that gif of Jennifer Lawrence has been around for years and anyone who has seen it knows that it is Jennifer Lawrence. Tbf, most people can pick them both out from a photograph.

Maybe there is a Brittany Spears somewhere on earth that looks like Jennifer Lawrence but Britney Spears and Jennifer Lawrence look nothing alike. :p


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Sep 11, 2003
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What is it Liverpool fans say about salt allowances and their sh*t jokes about excessively salty individuals?
Wouldn't waste my time trying to replicate one of their terrible jokes because the only thing Liverpool fans are in excess of and always have been for as long as I've had the displeasure of conversing with them is delusion. And in very high doses. Best player in every position la, best fans la, best academy la, best at being persecuted by referees, authorities and anti-racism officials la.

We saw today that the Liverpool will need to continue with their excessive spending to improve and supplement their squad over the coming years because there's absolutely nothing coming through. Aston Villa's first XI is bad enough but their second XI would barely beat your local suburban side yet they beat the next generation of Liverpool players 5-0...

And for any incoming quips about Villa - we are currently sitting 1st on the table. Anything 17th and above is 1st to us.

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