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  1. jaza2003

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    Hey Guys,

    I really need some help on learning how to kick, aka the basics. I never did Auskick or anything like that and was never taught properly how to kick and am only really starting to learn now. I'm 22 and I started playing last year. Lets just say there was a few embarassing moments. Ive honestly tried heaps of different ways and watched some youtube videos, but i just can't find consistency at all. Its really stating to annoy me because I love playing now.

    Any tips or anything that you think could help would be great.


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  2. butchy

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    Apr 05
    i would say practice with a smaller footy to start with. reason being, the whole key to kicking a footy is guiding the ball on to the boot with one hand. using a full size footy when you arent good at it will probably see you struggling to do it. smaller footy will sit in your hand better and get the action started.
    next, just start kicking the ball off a few walking steps and kicking the ball 10-20m. walk up, stay balanced and drop the ball onto you boot.

    these are only little tips to start with, but in the end, if you play in a team, see if some other players or coaches will spend 10-20 minutes with you before or after training. other than that get some mates maybe to help you out.

    above all, its the best game in the world, have fun!!
  3. Big One

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    Feb 12
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    Hey guys, I'm going to post it here because I can't post it anywhere else (new here)!

    I'm a fairly good kick, can hit targets left and right, and I get my head over the ball etc.

    I'm about a 7/8 outta 10, the biggest weakness of my kicking ability is that I take a long time to actually release the ball from my hand, and it takes me a long time to actually kick it. How can I speed this up?

    Thanks heap!
  4. Squiggle6

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    Feb 14
    If anyone is ever looking for kicking and skill development...I have heard amazing reviews of an academy in Sydney which is run by an ex- Sydney Swans player! Its called Kicking Dynamics