Lennon or McCartney

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Sep 28, 2003
Western Sydney
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Paul for me, not that I dislike the work of the others.

All the Beatles had heaps of good moments solo wise, yes even Ringo (It Don't Come Easy is a classic for me).

I'll give Ringo credit, whatever people think of his music he's never stopped putting the solo albums out, he's up to 20 of them.


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Oct 8, 2010
long ago in the museum with his friends
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Very true, "all things must pass" is pretty much his greatest hits.

33&1/3 (1976), self titled (1989), cloud nine (1987) and brainwashed (2002) are but 4 solid albums post living in the material world. Critics weren’t kind to Dark horse and extra texture mid 70s in fairness they weren’t a patch on the majestic classic All things Must Pass or its solid follow up.

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