Let it ride betting


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Dec 2, 2017
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I did this a few years back, started with $50, playing a circa $1.30-$1.45 pick each week. Pulled it at just over $2000. But had to sit through nic Nat putting one through after the siren for a $1200 win and another one that was gone at 3/4 time (norf game from memory) that snuck in at the end.

While it paid for drinks for my Ashes trip that year it had it's effect. Once you start winning on $800 bets it's very hard to go back to $20 bets. Took a while to adjust.

Each year since I've tried it for both NRL and AFL and been hosed in either round one or two. Good times.
yep it is very doable but thats the big issue IMO

it takes massive self control, to go back to putting just 10-20 dollar multis, after you have had the smell of a huge win

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