Let's talk Ports! Part 2

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Feb 9, 2014
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Port Adelaide, without a finals appearance since 2017 or victory since 2014, appears at a crossroad.

With coach Ken Hinkley publicly declaring his ongoing tenure hinges on a major round berth next year, there will be keen attention on how the team performs on the field.

Off-field, the high enthusiasm of the club’s landmark foray into China four years ago has dissipated somewhat as the novelty of the team’s annual adventure fades.

Just as with the Power’s crosstown rival Adelaide’s eSports venture, the project has left many supporters scratching their heads – if not questioning whether the entire enterprise represents a gigantic distraction for a club whose stated reason for being is to win premierships.

While the football media’s attention was on the smattering of young players who returned to the club to kick off pre-season training this week, the most significant signing of Port Adelaide’s off-season could prove to be the one that took place in Shanghai just this morning.

I'll wait for LR to break it down.



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Nov 16, 2004
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My mate the Airport Economist replied to this tweet by a bloke we both played footy with-
I can see Mick Young’s fingerprints on that event - and @PAFC like Gough were the first to recognise the potential of China @AndrewHunter__ @kochie_online

It was Mick Young - former Port Adelaide member in Canberra 1974 to 1988 and #1 ticket holder for many years, who along with Tom Burns former leader of the Qld Labor party during the 1970's and then Wayne Goss's deputy - who spent 8 months arranging Gough's trip to China as Opposition leader in July 1971 and then helped arrange Gough's trip in October 1973 when he was PM.

I like the synergy of Mick Young Port Adelaide and China linked from the early 70's to the 10's and beyond.

click on the picture to see more of the news paper article and read about the fund raising drive to Build Local Players.


Edit found this to go with above tweet.

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Jun 6, 2000
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Wrong thread mate - Media shakes head is thataway -->

I wouldn't be surprised if every club's store still has ex player items listed. Wingard was one of our more high profile players, so there's probably still a shed full of the things - if anyone's silly enough to buy them more fool them.

The author of that article, one Grady Hudd, has just arrived at the Addy from the Gawler Bunyip - he'll be their Chief Football Writer in no time after that start :rolleyes:

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