Let's talk Ports! Part 3

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5 Wins-in-a-row Certificate ‘13, ‘14, ‘18, ‘20
Mar 9, 2003
Queen St & Peter Rd
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Port Adelaide
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When Dermie was on a stack of 9 shows back in the day he was asked if he would ever coach. He said his tax bill working as a TV presenter was bigger than a coaching salary.
Watching the Denis Pagan Open Mike the other day, he said when Schimmelbusch was sacked he was the rank outsider to take over and Derm was the red hot favourite. Wild.

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Bruce Light fan club
Jun 7, 2015
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
His actual name was Neville so would be Roberts, N. In 1978 he was playing for Torrens after coming back from Richmond so he would have been on their league list.
Fair enough, but I did just find this little piece of history.

Neville during the ’75 season commuted living in SA, training with West Torrens on a Tuesday, then generally flying over to Melbourne on a Thursday training and then playing on the Saturday while at Teachers College in ’75. During the finals West Torrens’ season had finished so Neville trained with Port Adelaide on the Tuesday. He had a friendship with John Cahill and formed friendships with a number of Port players (thank goodness Neil Balme arrived at the Parade in ’80 – Neville and Neil had been best mates at Richmond and it was mainly through Neil that Neville ended up a Redleg and not a despised Magpie).

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