Official Club Stuff Libba knee injury - 2015 season over

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Aug 24, 2012
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Western Bulldogs
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T'Wolves, Renault F1, Footscray
Best of luck to Libba, this is going to be really difficult for him. Confident he'll come back better than ever but it's sh*t for everybody involved.


Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 18, 2014
AFL Club
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NY Mets, NO Pelicans, Toronto Leafs
horrible news
wishing him a fast and full recovery

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All Australian
Oct 15, 2003
In a house in Perth
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Western Bulldogs
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Footscray Football Club
It's done now so we need to move on. Presents a significant opportunity for another player/s to fill the 90% game time week in the midfield.

I think the majority of Libba's game time will be filled by Walis, Prudden and hopefully Clay who in my view are the best placed players to fill the clearance and tackle counts that Libba drove for us in 2014.

I see the below as our midfield rotation options for the year.

Inside: Wallis, Prudden, Clay, Picken, Moyd

Inside/Outside: Dahl, Bonti, Stringer, Honeychurch, Koby, Caleb, Jongy

Outside: Macrae, Hrovat, McLean, Grant

Dancing Dougy

Club Legend
Apr 13, 2008
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Devastated :(

I have faith he'll come back strongly next year, but what a bloody kick in the guts. Poor Libba.
I'm gutted for him. Has worked his ass off to get himself right, regain the respect of his team mates, the club and the wider footy community, and then this. I really feel for him, just terrible news. But if anyone can get through it bigger, better and stronger, Libba can... with Clay a close 2nd!


Intentionally left blank
Apr 3, 2012
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Horrible news guys, can understand what you're going through...Worse though that it happened in a game that was essentially meaningless. He'll bounce back next season, hopefully with a decent traditional one and be set for Round 1 like Rich is for us!


Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 14, 2014
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
2 guns out of the season already... that's Shiite.
For the sake of good footy, we need quality players on the park. But how the hell will you ever stop an injury occurring when it appears he did little wrong in that manoeuvre. Maybe its a strength and conditioning issue around the knee prior to the action.

Dya think those players that slip over from wearing short stops actually have the right idea? I mean long sprigs will always plant the foot hard in the ground, transferring all stress to the ankle and knee.

Either way, we don't want to continue losing guns at this rate, or the spectacle of footy will suffer.

Super Hans

marcus proudson
Apr 27, 2009
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
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TrailBlazers, Juventus, Raiders
This sucks, but what can you do. Hope Libba has a good recovery and enjoys some morphine in the process.

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Club Legend
Nov 1, 2011
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Absolutely terrible news. Here's some positives though:
  • Libba has shown in the past that he takes setbacks and turns them around big time. Given the guy's character, I have no doubt that as a result of this he is going to turn himself into a beast after this incident.
  • He's going to be cheap as chips in SuperCoach in 2016.


Premiership Player
May 21, 2008
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
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NZ Breakers / New York Knicks
what gets me is that it looked like a "Nothing" incident - It really didnt look that bad...

Just heartbreaking :(


Senior List
Jan 7, 2015
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Western Bulldogs
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Tottenham Hotspur
It feels like we've been kicked in the head just as we've started to get back up off the canvas. Terrible. Wish Libba all the best with his recovery.

On a side note, who's now going to get the task of belting Griff in Round 9? Will Clay be back by then? Or does Redpath get sent into the square for the opening bounce?


Sep 23, 2009
Out searching for omens pointing to our next flag.
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
I think I'm alone, but while I'm gutted for Libber after putting in the hard yards all preseason and just about to enter his prime as far as the team goes I don't think it will make that much difference this year. It was always going to be a hard year for us anyway.

It would be a different story if we were genuinely looking at top 6 but realistically we are an outside chance at best to scrape into the 8. It will give an opportunity to someone else or maybe a couple of guys. I thought Wallis was going to bloom this year anyway and yesterday showed his metal when Libber was out, he will step up I feel sure and like I have said before we have a ready made mid in Goodes, who despite the detractors is very good player, in many ways not unlike Libber including the cak footedness.

Leigh Lowther

All Australian
Apr 20, 2013
AFL Club
Terrible news. Hoping his recovery goes well. :(

If theres anything positive to take away from this I hope this gives the doggies a stronger resolve to show how competitive they can be, even if they have to pick up the workload that Libba has left. We all know the dogs are still nowhere near short of talent.
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