Mod. Notice **Lifestyle Board – Posting & Guideline Rules - 17/05/10**

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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 16, 2003
Melbourne Vic
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Hi All,

The Lifestyle board is where fellow posters can start up a thread and get some genuine advice on a variety of topics.

We have noticed of late some of the threads on this board are constantly going off topic and being derailed. Also there are some posters resorting to continually dishing out smart comments in threads trying to be funny and having a go at fellow posters. This will no longer be tolerated on this board.

If Macca19 & I deem that a thread is started purely to engage troll like responses the thread gets deleted and the poster gets an infraction or possible banning from this board.

Swear filter evasion is another area that we will be infracting on – there is no need to avoid the swear filter just type the word in normally and the swear filter will automatically bleep the word out – quite simple really.

So, it might be an idea to think twice before taking the wrong road and posting something that you know is not appropriate. Be respectful of others.


Lifestyle Mods
Aqua & Macca19

PLEASE NOTE: The Lifestyle Board is NOT TLC - so posting TLC type threads and posts on this forum will be deleted and earn you an infraction!
Not open for further replies.

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