Opinion Liked, Learnt, Hated - AFL 2020 Finals/Grand Final Edition. Congrats Tigers!

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Brownlow Medallist
Oct 9, 2006
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Perth Wildcats basketball
Liked : Good games of footy all round

Learnt : You need to be able to take/stop contested grabs to win

Hated : Nothing really
Taking or stopping contested marks these days is full of holes and mistakes and grey rulings, so as when someone manages a ripper , you can never be sure if "the Razor" or one of his mates will call a slight tap on the shoulder or arm like a basketball foul, and they often do at times, that area has been like all the AFL games for quite a few years now, it's been greyed out, so as the contest is guess work , same as ruck in fringements should not exist, and out of bounds deliberately is a joke.
I hear commentators talk about umpires letting it go in finals, well I 've seen one or two incidents over the finals where one or two things have been left to ride and let the game go on, but more, I have seen the petty game killing stop the flow free kicks in the finals than I have seen in the past.
Once it was let it run, I watched a Geelong Brisbane Prelim on TV from 2004 , well these guys this weekend looked like real pussy cats the furry ones I mean, both of them would have been killed by those two 2004 teams, Voss, the Scotts , Johnson Lynch etc.

You know that was around the time the AFL hierarchy began to kill off the contact therefore the contest, turning the game into a touchy-feely free-kick splurge, which in turn created stoppages, the boundary line playing, and the ridiculous arm touching rule for marking.
2004 , it was about from then the last 15 to 16 years the AFL have destroyed the hard brilliant game it was.
They say to protect players heads?? Well I think the pace and the way they run has turned it into british bulldog style collision sport , and we see more injuries and I think the real tough team is the one that is Relentless , thats Richmond in my honest opinion .
I may be wrong but the other 17 clubs are not like Richmond, when in close and hard, I don't think they can be beaten.
So I'll pick the Tigers.
What the AFL does with our game next year will be a reason whether lots of people I know will still follow it.
Its uniqueness, has been turned into an over fast less skilled throw the ball game chockablock full of packs and "stoppages" trying to look like rugby sometimes it can't its not rugby!
The game looks really bad now, in comparison.
I suppose my Hawks could even get blamed a bit for creating precision keepings off football, difference was they had tough nuts in the glory days, I think Richmond are the same?

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My Cotchin Rules

Club Legend
May 31, 2019
Belmont, WA
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Perth Glory, Everton FC, SSC Napoli
Learnt that the week off before the finals has to go. 1st and 2nd ranked teams both beaten. has to be something in that.
Learnt that this is an overhype.
Although I am not a fan of the pre finals bye & I'd like to see it removed, it is only the second time both QF winners have lost. If you look back since its inception & excluding this unique season it stands at 4 all.

2016 - Both QF losers went through.
2017 - Both QF winners went through.
2018 - One each.
2019 - One each.

However in this shorter game (16min) quarters it could of made a difference but that would be gone next year (I hope)!.


Premiership Player
Jan 26, 2012
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Brisbane Lions
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Melbourne Dees
LIKED; That GAJ got to end his career on the big day. Not on some ordinary wind blown weekend, or through injury, but on the big stage, the big day and historic, if imperfect location.

LEARNED; Dustin Martin is a Wizard. He controls momentum like no other player ive ever seen.

HATED; Night time grand final. And that GAJ never got to give all he had left in his last appearance.


Super Moderator
May 27, 2007
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West Coast
Liked - A really great Grand Final, umpiring was good and wasn’t noticeable and no goal review controversies. I thought the half time entertainment under the circumstances was a credit to the people who put this together on short notice, bad weather, covid restrictions, immense pressure to step up to the GF hosting plate, kudos. Whether you like the band or songs is irrelevant, it was a huge effort 👍🏻
Gazzas send off, super class shown by everyone.

Learnt - Dusty is legit one of the greatest players we will see, and definitely the greatest finals player in living memory

Hated - The appalling music played after goals. What. The. fu**. And why do we need that in AFL?
Idiot pitch invaders, hit them with massive fines the d***heads.
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Brownlow Medallist
Nov 14, 2012
The "Elephant" in the room.
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Western Bulldogs
Grand Final Edition:

Liked: The ground drained well after copping a lot of rain during the day.

Learnt: Jordan Clark was wasted in the Grand Final Sprint, starting half back.

Hated: The lead up and Grand Final for Nick Vlastuin. (I hope the fire bomber was not a Geelong supporter, beyond pathetic if it was)

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 28, 2012
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QPR, Buffalo Bills, Melbourne Stars
Liked: Nothing....oh the end of an awful season.

Learned: Geelong's Dad's Army policy will never ever work

Hated: GF Entertainment, Geelong capitulation to the point of embarrassment.


Club Legend
Dec 14, 2015
AFL Club
Liked: The whole shebang. Great game and great production.

Learnt: The AFL dodged a real bullet with the weather.
The AFL G.F. is up to being transported.

Hated: The fact that the G.F. wasn't as at Perth. Perth had perfect weather (dry at night)
Perth would have doubled the crowd.


Hall of Famer
Nov 12, 2002
AFL Club
the real question is whether you guys will ever get to the average age of 30+ in a game. especially if taylor goes on and you get both cameron and higgins, its not unlikely.
Taylor couldn't surely. We've still got Jenkins and Steven who weren't playing on Saturday too.


Brownlow Medallist
Jun 6, 2016
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Pines Football Club
Learnt: System beats talent

Liked: insert tumbleweed gif here

Hated: Wasting good / great players careers with a :poo: way of playing footy, yes I'm talking about you Collingwood.

Scanlens Man

Senior List
Aug 10, 2017
AFL Club
Liked - Not too many finals blowouts
Learned - Channel 7 has some sh*t looking new show called the SAS Australia
Hated - AFL will use the uniqueness of this season to push through some crap - shorter quarters, night GF


Team Captain
Jul 21, 2018
AFL Club
Liked: A good hard fought GF for once, both teams should be proud. I was very entertained.
Learnt: MCG isn't as big an advantage as some people think.
Hated: Night GF (was a long day waiting), those pop songs after every goal (Britney Spears? FFS) and lockdown in Vic made everything feel flat without Punt road going off


Club Legend
Aug 16, 2019
AFL Club
Liked: RFC generally, top to bottom of the whole org. J Niall or whatever his name is, is correct. They have upped the ante in many ways.

Dustin Martin - the humble meditating freak. Is he the only one who knows it is not just abt him?

The winning of a GF convincingly with 1 man down.

Geelong fans and club taking defeat the right way. Even Scott was very good in his presser.

Overexposing the great Martin is a great disservice to many other players in the team.

Self absorbtion of GAB and Danger hurt their team.

Wolfmother - completely derivative bollocks lacking any artistic merit.

Still, that my frickin shiite club paling in comparison to the mob up the road.

Elton Johns Wig

Bruncher 🏆
Apr 20, 2014
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Luton Town Aston Villa
Liked - Geelong/Chris Scott. Absolute class in defeat. A mighty club that should be applauded and recognised for being so good for so long.
- Dusty. Actually, it may be love. The best player I've seen pull on a Richmond jersey.

Learnt - Michael Voss, if he doesn't end up a coach, special comments is for him. Didn't say much, but didn't waffle, and actually chimed in naturally when he witnessed something he liked.

Hated - I'm with Wosh, that music after each goal was PUTRID.

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