Lions play of the year

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Sep 14, 2006
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
GWS; CCMariners; NQCowboys; Ravens
Spanking we gave Port in the 1st Qtr in Adelaide for me
I loved that but their moronic assault on Neale took the shine off the moment for me.

Mine was breaking all our significant loss streaks against every team other than Collingwood and Richmond. Going from something like half the competition having winning streaks of 4+ games against us to two was fantastic. We went from having four of the longest 10 to only one.


Premiership Player
Apr 4, 2015
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
I'm going left field here.

Stef's effort in Saturday's final was the most extraordinary effort of the year by any Lions player. He waited so long to play finals and left nothing on the park , practically taking over stoppages ,absolutely destroyed Mumford.

The person I felt most sorry for at the end was him.

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