Certified Legendary Thread Lions Players Instagram/Twitter catchup


Brownlow Medallist
Jul 6, 2010
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Voss once nearly cut his finger right off hitching a trailer to his car. I think that players will invariably succumb to those every day freak injuries that banning something as innocuous as skateboarding will cause more drama and angst than it saves.
IIRC, he also cut his foot on bathroom tiles, or twinged his back bathing his kid. Clumsy fu**, should have been banned from all sorts.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 12, 2016
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Mitch Robbo has his say on the players having a life outside of football and his and Gaz’s skating insta videos, Charlie Curnow’s (basketball incident, knee etc), on his latest Rip Through It Podcast if anyone is interested?

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