Podcast LIVE in game show - Richmond vs Essendon, Saturday 22nd, 7:35pm - mute your TV and listen to us!

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Feb 4, 2006
AFL Club
It's Dreamtime in NT and we are going LIVE.

You know the drill.

captain blood 17 and Tiger71 are pumped for this one.

Pop the game on, mute your TV, click on our Audio link below at 7:35pm and listen to us while watching the game*

*You will need to pause your game briefly so we can sync up our audio to what you're watching. It's easy done though.

-As soon as you see the umpire bounce the ball to start the game, pause your tv when the ball hits the ground. Then i will count everyone in when to hit play, simple!

-We are passionate supporters like everyone else, so there could be language used.

-Spreaker does have a chat client, so if you're listening in you can send through questions as well!

To listen in click this link at around 7:35pm SATURDAY NIGHT (I'll post a reminder in this thread)

This will take you to the Spreaker Tigercast page, and once we are live the live episode will appear at the top of the list. Just click play and you're in!

We hope to have a heaps of you on board listening in Live. It will be a heap of fun and something a bit different to what you get on mainstream TV.

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