Travel Long Trips for a Short Period of Time

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Dec 17, 2006
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What is the furthest you have travelled for the shortest period of time, or have do you know of any people that travelled a long way for a short amount of time?

For example, I know a lady who along with her daughter flew on the red eye from Perth to Brisbane on the Friday night red eye, attended a wedding on the Gold Coast on the Saturday afternoon before making the trek back to Brisbane and flying back to Perth on Sunday morning. I also know another lady who along with her husband had a long weekend in Singapore.

Shane Sheridan

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Jul 6, 2015
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Not all that uncommon for frequent flyers to do a status run from the east coast of Aus to the west coast of the US for a day or two. Also know of someone arrived in LA midday/early afternoon, walked over to In'n'out, had a burger or 2, bit of plane watching, back to the airport and into the lounge before flying back that night.

Friend of mine flew to Bali Friday night, gets back this afternoon. Has an Indonesian girlfriend and this is the meetup of both sets of parents.

For myself had 10 days or so in Sydney, had to get back to Perth for an afternoon 7 days in. Flew out of Sydney 9.00am, arrived midday, did what I had to do, flew out of Perth back to Sydney 11.55 that night. Imagine business types would do this type of thing quite frequently.
Probably do a long weekend in Singapore at some stage, make a nice change from the Melbourne trip.


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Jul 18, 2018
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Port Adelaide
Perth-Singapore for a long weekend is more than reasonable, basically similar as to driving to Albany and back but avoiding the crazy traffic & road trains.

I think being from the country (and by no means remote) puts these things in perspective, you are simply accustomed to distance and travel time.

While I do fly often and enjoy it as well as the associated benefits & status from QFF, the dedication some can go to in flying to the US and back purely for the sake of attaining the next tier of status is dedication beyond my level of addiction!

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Nov 21, 2009
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I've had breakfast in Krakow, lunch in London and then dinner in Hamburg before, though admittedly I was required to be in London rather than it being a holiday.

Silent Alarm

sack Lyon
Jul 9, 2010
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Wait, so people will go Melbourne > AKL or SYD > LAX and come straight back just to go to the next level of frequent flyer? Wouldn't that be like a $700 trip at the absolute absolute absolute cheapest for anyone with a half-decent flight program?

Why wouldn't you take a week off work!?

Then again this is under the assumption these people have a well paying job that lets them fly. And that people with well paying jobs are automatically smart.

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