Looking for some Fitzroy matches from 1993 season

Feb 16, 2015
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Hey everyone,

I'm after a couple of games from the 1993 season involving Fitzroy. Before I list the ones I'm after please note the following:

-After full games only (although I think one of them only has the last quarter available)
-Not interested in YouTube versions so please do not post comments about them

Also, I was in contact with Matthew French who I understand is a Fitzroy fan/enthusiast here on Big Footy. I was in talks with him via email but for some reason there hasn't been any communication from him for a while so not sure what's going on there.

Anyways, here are the games I'm after:

R1 1993 - Fitzroy def Carlton (I think most folks have just the last quarter but would love to get the full game if available)
R8 1993 - Fitzroy def West Coast
R9 1993 - Fitzroy def Collingwood
R10 1993 Essendon def Fitzroy

If anyone can help I'm happy to send DVD-Rs for them to be copies unless you're able to upload them to Google Cloud and I can get them that way.

Any help much appreciated (but again, no YouTube links please).


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