Autopsy Losing a home game at the Gabba - round 8 2021

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Sep 30, 2005
AFL Club
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Freo and Bulldogs, ManU
Treacy has to come back in.

we have to get some more reward for effort.

our ball use into the forward line is the primary issue, and we need some more help up front.

Our backline did really well considering. Thought their talks were largely ineffective.

Darcy was pretty good. Acres has to go. For Cerra next week preferably.
Switta in too


Brownlow Medallist
Sep 19, 2004
AFL Club
Didn’t mind it. We fought hard for the game but we just carry too many passengers and depth players which is to be expected with our injuries.

A handful of blokes can definitely hold their heads high but there is also a handful that should be carrying the luggage of the others for the rest of the season.

Overall, I expected to get flogged but we fought hard.


Team Captain
Sep 9, 2018
AFL Club
Don't worry everyone.

All we need to do next week is get back to playing our brand.
We know if we play our brand it's good enough.
Everyone needs to just needs to come in and play their role. If we do that it will hold us in good stead.



All Australian
Dec 9, 2018
AFL Club
I think we won the 2nd half. So a better effort.

Dropping Treacy was the wrong decision. We were a better team with him in the side. Not only our talls but also our smalls got more scoring opportunities when we were able to keep the opposition defenders honest.

Our midfield has been way off its best the last 2 weeks.

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Brownlow Medallist
Sep 22, 2011
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Liverpool FC, Washington Wizards
Kept Daniher and Hipwood to 3 goals. Total.
LJust putrid decision making. So many players gifted games running around thinking they’re the man.
Tucker, Lobb, Acres, Aish all playing with no competition for their spots, and it shows. Aish trips over the ball, couldn’t hit simple targets. Acres just bombs it without steadying.
Lobb take forever to get into games.

Crowden is too often quiet when the game is on the line. Schulz has literally disappeared the last fortnight. Switter can come in and replace him.

Tabs the only forward to kick 2 goals. Has everything humming up forward with Treacy. Lowering their eyes, kicking 20m short passes. Since then? Drop any hint of a tall, throw a woeful Lobb there and surprise surprise absolutely flogged.
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Brownlow Medallist
May 3, 2007
Parts Unknown
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Man City, Valencia, Lazio, Panthers
That 1st quarter was bad.

Yeah the scoreline was flattering.

Remàrkably Brisbane didn't kick 100 points and didn't lose by 50-70 points.

Some guys did ok. Didn't mind playing a few kids and depth players

Pommie Docker

Senior List
Mar 24, 2018
AFL Club
Some random thoughts from a predictable if putrid loss.

Defence is terrible and until we get some talls back will continue to wreck the whole structure. 2nd year in a row that injuries have left the cupboards bare which points to a list management issue.

Henrys best game and clearly the game time in the WAFL has done him well.

Dropping Treacy was a mistake, forward structure has looked poor ever since.

Not a game point but clearly we need more talls across the board.


Sep 20, 2014
AFL Club
Terrible ball use and our movement is either clean or a confusing shitshow.
Forwardline structure, much like our injuries, feel like they'll never get fixed.
Match-ups outside of defence never addressed just like last week.
Shocking umpiring.

Just sad viewing honestly.


Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 12, 2009
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Going to take a positive slant since the negatives are obvious (injuries, c-graders, midfield etc).

Fought it out well in the second half. Created plenty of chances and were much better going forward. The trend this season of taking far more marks inside 50 continues which is a glimmer of hope. We'll actually be a potent side that can compete with the better teams if we can ever do it for more than 1/2 a game of footy.

Of course, you can argue Brissy took their foot off the gas but it's worth remembering they're a prelim side at home that dismantled a flag favourite last week. There are at least some things we can take from this game as opposed to last week.

Inb4 "accepting mediocrity".


Sep 10, 2015
AFL Club
Simply don’t have the class to have our injuries and beat quality teams on the road. Brisbane will probably go close to top 4 again.

Better performance today and importantly showed some resolve after it could have gotten ugly in the first half. Don’t agree the score line was flattering, seems about right to me. Hopefully all of Cerra, Ryan and Switta back next week should make a difference


Club Legend
Aug 20, 2010
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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Manchester City
Not bad objectively, the painful part is we had the opportunities to win and poor execution let us down. Another first quarter injury just killing our plans early on.

Cerra, Ryan, Switta back next week will make a huge difference, particularly the quality ball use from the first two. We can definitely beat Essendon.

The negativity around here is pretty annoying, most of it coming from too high expectation. Statistically, Freo played well considering where and who they were playing, but everyone just gets caught up in the emotion of individual moments that amplify the distress and frustration of wanting to be a top team here and now.

How might things have been different for our guys who clearly relish playing in front of a home crowd.

Out: doom and gloom

In: fair and balanced perspectives.

Square Peg

Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 20, 2014
Fremantle WA
AFL Club

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