Toast Luke Shuey next Eagles captain

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Carbine Chaos

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Apr 1, 2009
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West Coast
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Perth Demons, Everton
Shuey correctly appointed captain, Silva sacked - it's been a great morning thus far.

Shuey's influence goes back years. The personal tragedies he faced early steeled him considerably and he came out the other side a much stronger player and person. He's the perfect bloke to lead this side to a second flag. The proof was in the perfect GF he played. Well in, Boots.


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Sep 18, 2003
Western Suburbs : Perth
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West Coast
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Claremont. New England Patriots.
Excellent choice. 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

Boots embodies all that is good and right about our wonderful Football Club.

Been a fascinating watch seeing the young boy who arrived at the Club across the country, far from home, then Luke having to face and conquer the adversity of the tragic passing of his sister.

He then was confronted with a series of season wrecking injuries in his first few years at the Club.

Then to see the fully committed and dedicated professional that he has become is a credit to him.

As time has passed Luke has ticked pretty much every box of note in defining a true Clubman and football champion.

He is a credit to his family and himself and what a fine ambassador he has become, for not only the West Coast Eagles, but also the greater AFL.

Whats that saying " The Harder You Work The Luckier You Get " Boot's work ethic has always been top notch.

Now if he can go on to become a Premiership Captain that then would be the icing on the cake.

That cheeky smile and boyish exuberance, has from day one, been infectious and a joy to watch.

Who could ever forget the cheeky smile on his face as he was running in to kick the historic goal that was to seal an historic victory against Port Adelaide on their dung hill.

It is a moment that will be forever etched in Eagles folklore.

A very worth and befitting choice by the Club.


Plucked from the Amos
Sep 12, 2013
15 min water taxi from Optus
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West Coast
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Was there realistically any other credible option.

He ticks every box and will take the role for 2-3 years. He may be able to go on for more than 3 years as I see him spending time forward with the recruitment of Kelly.

The next best leaders (from what I am hearing) are Duggan and Allen who will be 27 and 24 respectively in 3 years time.

Not sure you need to make your best player captain. Look what it has done to the Cockburners.

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