Free Agency Mabior Chol [joins Gold Coast as an unrestricted free agent]

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The Kings Ransom

Club Legend
Aug 30, 2021
AFL Club
Gold Coast
He improved every year agyer he arrived at Richmond and has been very good this year. Good on him.
Chol is the icing on top type of player. He's not the type that stands tall under pressure. Good on him and his manager for getting such a good deal but he's not what GC need. He's been a tease for 6 years now and will keep being a tease until he's delisted. Majak Daw mkII

Seems to have proved you wrong fairly quickly.
Good on him.

Dr Tigris

Premium Platinum
Aug 19, 2009
AFL Club
Chol has always been very talented, but never played like a first choice at the Tigers.

Perhaps beign first choice has made m=him. Great to see. Potentially a very good player

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