News Mackay signs *another* contract extension to the end of 2020!

Will David Mackay get another contract?

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Nov 24, 2007
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Saturday Night Game Fever! a headline many of us will be dreading as the year goes on.

A great servant of the club, he eschewed an offer from Melbourne purportedly worth $500K a number of years ago, to stick with us (yay!)

$400K over 4 years so the rumour told, which led to him being dubbed 400Kay or 4ackay or something, i don't remember, then he got a 1 year extension last year

Anyhoo, we bitched and moaned about it like Donald Trump projecting with a Twitter account.

...but the deal is nearly up.

Let's see what happens!

Answer the poll and we'll try to guess what Justin "I bamboozled SOS once" Reid is going to do.

Will David Mackay earn another year on the back of his outstanding* season?


Or will he be blown off the list by a stiff breeze?

David's arch nemesis

*Yes I used the word outstanding, but outstanding doesn't have to mean good, it just means it stands out

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