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Who has the most punchable head on MAFS 2021?

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Sep 13, 2000
Melbourne cricket ground. Australia
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There is no way known that Bryce went on this show to find a life partner. He went on to progress his radio career and it's backfired massively on him.
i don’t know so much. The series hasnt done much other than white ant him but when the boys night out lost Bryce and got a tool like Sam instead, it wasnt a win win by any description.


Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 14, 2001
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Western Bulldogs
Going to go out on a limb here because the bloke has some serious issues.
But a little part of me can see how he’s been trolled to the point of making an extra campaigner of himself by somebody who is genuinely only on the show for other reasons than finding a partner.
His frustration has just grown and grown due to that fact and whilst his own intentions like all of them are questionable I reckon he genuinely has grown fond of Melissa due mainly to her blind faith and loyalty, and is now sh*t frightened of the truth coming out, whereas when he said it he didn’t really care.
He’s made his own bed, but being surrounded by people who are not on it for anything other than self promotion constantly sticking their noses into your sh*t and questioning your own truths would really piss me off too.
Yeah the lack of blowback at Phar Lap has been glaring. She’s a massive campaigner and has been obsessively goading the show’s other massive campaigner to give the exact reaction everyone else says they’re sick of.

The fact she’s also harbouring a secret broodmare sire on the outside just makes it worse. Seriously the producers should have leaked it to Bryce at the height of their barney.

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Big Bryza

Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 11, 2006
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Gee whiz Bryce has downgraded big time going from Courtney to Melissa.

Clear as day he's staying with her to try and repair his image.

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