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Welcome to the Main Board

The objective of the AFL board is to have a board where posters can discuss football in a sensible manner.

If you are not interested in posting in a sensible manner, don’t post here. You might be carded, and/or have your access removed. The Main Board Guidelines are also to be interpreted in conjunction with the site-wide rules found here: ▶️Terms and rules

There are specific guidelines that all posters ought to be familiar with.

Posting adult content on BigFooty

Posting any adult content is strictly forbidden and rules will be enforced

Adult content like the following must not be posted on BigFooty. Not even ironically. You may lose your account.

TLDR, the main stuff we do not want to see is:

* Nudity, near nudity, strategically covered nudity - including cartoons.
  • Discussions about sex lives and performance, sexually transmitted disease and so on.
  • Derogatory use of sexual words for people, players such as rape, assault etc.
  • Racist and hateful posts.

These are already part of the BigFooty rules and you can find further details of what is not acceptable by reading HERE

General Rules

Play the ball, not the man.
Don't attack the team of a poster that posts something you don't like or agree with. This is one of the biggest reasons why topics are derailed. If a thread has started to go off-topic, don't add to the problem. Using the excuse 'It was already off-topic' when you receive an infraction won't work. Thread titles should give a clear indication of the topic. Apart from not wasting users’ time it make searching titles more accurate.
No name-calling or abuse of posters is tolerated and this also applies to the nicknames given to clubs. Terms like "rape" and "butt-hurt" are also not wanted when discussing topics to describe something. Don't use them.

Do not start a thread about posters under any circumstances.

Quite simply: don’t do it. Trolling other teams or posters is not sensible football discussion and having the sentence "This is not a troll but..." doesn't exempt it from being a troll.

Team troll names such as Norf, Carltank, Essendrug, Richmong, Whoreforn, COLA, Failmantle, West Coke...and so on. We all know what they are.These are prohibited terms on the main board, purely because they just turn discussion threads to muck.
Quoting from team boards on the main board
Do not
quote a post from a team board and post it here. Ever. Team boards are primarily intended as sanctuaries for supporters of those teams, and it is not appropriate to quote comments from them out of context on other boards. Just don't do it. A sneaky copy/paste from a team board post wont avoid a sanction either. This also includes quoting team board posts but removing the poster's name from the quote.

Who you going to call?
If you see a post that breaches the rules report it, don't quote it and respond. If you think a thread doesn't belong on the AFL board, report it. Don't post in the thread saying it should be on x board. Report it and we’ll deal with it.

Spam and links.
We welcome all contributions on Big Footy. We do not welcome, however, spam of any sort.

Swear Filter.
Let it do its work. Don't self-censor stuff. Or try to get around it either by using pictures or other tricks

Your Mum’ trolling
Posting about family to troll and insult other posters personally is unacceptable and will result in an instant infraction. Any sexualised comments about family members is an instant 5 pointer.

Other Stuff.
  • Don't quote an entire post if you are responding to a part of it. Edit out the irrelevant parts.
  • We don't need grammar teachers, so leave out comments about spelling, sentence construction
  • No comments about mods or moderation, whether it's this board or another. Take it up with admin
Injury Trolling
Do it and you will receive a sanction., the same applies to trolling any mental health illnesses

Homophobia and transphobia
Any trolling of the LGTB community is unacceptable on this board and on this site anywhere. Instant infractions will apply.

Topics worth a special mention

We've noted a tendency - particularly in gameday threads - to refer to incidents in the clubs past or current investigations that have little to no actual impact on the game or current issues beyond a troll attempt. This includes salary cap, ASADA, financial issues and drug issues. These topics are not wanted for discussion on the main board.

There are other boards on Big Footy – Use Them.

  • The AFL board is not for the general umpire and rules discussion.That is what the umpires/mrp/rules board is for.
  • Use the POLLS board for running threads on player X vs player Y
  • Posts related to the Media and its many different outlets and personalities are to be posted on the Footy Fourt Estate board. This includes complaints about the AFL site.
  • Don't make Dream Team, Supercoach etc comments on the AFL board. Such threads should be posted to the Supercoach/Dreamteam board.
  • Off field conversation - finances, annual reports, crowds, memberships and tv ratings are generally discussed on The Industry Board.
  • Matters pertaining to football History - be it AFL, or state or other australian footy history can be discussed on the Footy History board.
  • Scandals and Rumours should be properly posted to the Scandals and Rumours board
  • Where are they at threads - refrain from posting these until at least round 8
  • Mods will sometimes let one of these threads run on the main board: ask before posting.
  • Keep comments and conversations about betting, odds, payouts etc to the Bigfooty Punting Board
Video Streams
  • There may be penalties resulting from actions. You'll find the general Big Footy guidelines here, along with a overview of the card system.
  • Board Bans. Posters may be banned from the main board if they frequently stink the joint up. They will be informed. There is no time limit on a board ban, it is up to the discretion of the mod team.
  • Thread bans. we can limit a poster's access to a specific thread, the general length of that ban is a week. This will happen if a poster regularly stinks a thread up.
If a thread has been particularly heated and has been cleaned up often, we might apply a 'play nice' prefix. Please take note because we will have reduced tolerance.
Any questions, get in touch with one of us.
If you have issues or concerns, you can always PM one of the listed moderators below/

AFL Board Moderators include

Wosh _Mike_ Gralin The_Wookie Chief

It is natural that sometimes you might have an issue with an element of moderation, or a decision a moderator has made. In that instance, you are to either respectfully contact the moderator in question and discuss your issue.

Going the public route is not okay, however, and even more so, doing so in the sanctity of a team board is especially not okay.

By posting on the main board you do so according to these rules and acknowledge continued indiscretion may lead to your access privileges to the main board being permanently revoked.
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May 27, 2007
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* Intimidating and bullying other users because you don’t agree with their opinions is not on, please use the report button and don’t quote or reply to abuse and make it worse. Light banter between clubs is one thing, aggressive behaviour towards others is another, be aware of the difference and take responsibility for your own posting. This forum is for everyone.

*Transphobia is strictly against BF rules and policy as is racism, misogyny and homophobia. If you want to rant and mock other people please go elsewhere, BF is a diverse community and again we want everyone to feel comfortable posting here. Use the report button to alert mods and admin, we take this seriously.

*’Your Mum’ type posting is not acceptable, leave family members out of your posting. Sexualised/low brow insults posting aimed at family members is an instant infraction.

All content you submit, upload, or otherwise make available to the Service ("Content") may be reviewed by staff members. All Content you submit or upload may be sent to third-party verification services (including, but not limited to, spam prevention services). Security is never guaranteed - do not submit any Content that you consider to be private or confidential.

You agree to not use the Service to submit or link to any Content which is:
  • dangerous to health, anti-vax, Covid denial etc,
  • hateful, including sympathetic discussion of far-right/neo-Nazi tropes,
  • Racism
  • Any form of homophobia or transphobia
  • defamatory,
  • threatening,
  • abusive,
  • likely to offend,
  • spam or spam-like,
  • contains adult or objectionable content,
  • risks copyright infringement,
  • encourages unlawful activity,
  • or otherwise violates any laws,
  • or contains personal information of others,

This applies to the whole site
Thank you.
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