Make an outlandish (but possible) prediction for 2020

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Premiership Player
Jun 16, 2018
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Richmond to go undefeated.

The lowest average crowd recorded in a H&A round this century.

The lowest crowd in an MCG match this century.

High profile player to miss a large chunk of the season due to mental health reasons, return for finals.

Two draws in the same weekend (after none in 2019), or one draw and one nail-biter.

Brad Scott to officially be appointed the AFL spokesman for one PC / 'social' cause or another.

Some AFLW player to get married to some AFL player from another club. Both delisted at end of season.

Brenton Speed to get the recognition he deserves as the best caller in the game today (despite being a soccer / league man).

Bigfooty to enjoy its first season of visitor growth in six years, after facebook bans almost all white men for posting memes.

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Club Legend
Apr 16, 2010
AFL Club
Gold Coast to be the first winless team in a VFL/AFL season since 1964. Not because they'll any worse than this year but it's becoming increasingly difficult to find a fellow inhabitant of the AFL underclass within their reach.

I've been thinking about fixturing tweaks the AFL can do to make it a bit easier on them but I just can't see a nailed-on possible win in the first month to give them. Fremantle at Metricon? Demons at Metricon?
So the fixture definitely gives them a good shot at early wins. Port, Swans, Demons and Crows all at home in the first 7 rounds. If they start the 0-7 then it's on for sure.

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