Local Making the Call (EOI Close Friday) - Women in Sports Broadcasting Program (Free)

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Oct 10, 2007
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As we've all seen, there's a lack of women in sports broadcasting, especially play-by-play calling in our favourite sport, Aussie Rules.

Last year the Victorian Government (through Change Our Game) funded a trial program by Emma and Lucy Race (The Outer Sanctum) called "Making the Call", as a way of helping guide women into the world of footy broadcasting.

Some known names took part like Chyloe Kurdas, Chelsea Roffey, Kate McCarthy, Melissa Hickey, Jess Hosking, Bonnie Toogood, as well as those who are up and coming (example video at the bottom will highlight them).

It was a free course and took place over 3 days (a week or so apart), including presentations (and mentoring) from Melanie Jones, David Barham, Andy Maher, Daisy Pearce, Kelli Underwood, Tessa Armstrong and (myself) Peter Holden.

After the success of the trial program, they've opened up Expressions of Interests from women based in Victoria who want to get into sports broadcasting.

Here's the video promoting the 2nd Round of EOIs now being open.

All the info, including dates and EOI form, are at this link https://changeourgame.vic.gov.au/th...d-foundations-of-directorship/making-the-call

To highlight some of the up and coming women who took part in the course, below is quick snippets from VFLW Round 2, called by Julia Montesano, Lauren Bordin, Emily Fox and Lucy Watkin on WARFRadio.com and the VFLW Youtube Stream.

*Note: This thread is strictly for women interested in sports broadcasting, and those interested in helping women get into sports broadcasting and to also better their skills. Those wanting to 'debate' women's roles in sports broadcasting, please take your views to another thread. Any disparaging comments will be immediately reported to the mods.
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