Manchester United Thread

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Jun 11, 2015
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North Melbourne
Think it's just more a case of ETH getting a player he wants.
RB is going to be interesting to see what they do.
Yeah if Palace come in with a half decent offer for Wan Bissaka then we will need at least a decent back up for Dalot. Reckon ETH would be happy enough to roll with Dalot for now and prioritise other areas.


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Jan 14, 2020
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Manchester United
Right so I'm back haha

What's this LB that we are trying to hyjack from OL?
I've never heard of him...

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Hap Hapablap

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Jun 27, 2006
Where the cows go bong.
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Sounds like Martinez is more suited to the style of play ETH wants (obviously), so would guess he would be 1st option.

If only we could get rid of McGuire and bring in Martinez and Timber I reckon we would be looking a lot more solid at the back. McGuire just cannot play a high line so not sure how he will go not looking like a complete spud again this season.
he'll be playing alright

being stuck on the bench. fingers crossed.

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Sep 24, 2014
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Man Utd
So De Ligt is avaliable i wouldn't even be mad if we went

FDJ De Ligt Malacia and called it the window haha

But we don't have the cashola

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