Manchester United: Where to next?

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Can Nice and United play in the Europa League together under the same ownership?

Despite all the doom and gloom articles, they will both play in the competition without incident because UEFA care less than journos do. Toulouse played in this seasons comp and AC Milan entered it via the CL. Both share the same owner. Salzburg and Leipzig were both in this seasons CL.

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I think giving ETH a chance under a completely overhauled structure at the club is fair tbh, the place has been rotten for years no manager would thrive in that environment. Poch & De Zerbi are no better than ETH it’d be making a sideways move.

With no real standout candidate I think sticking with ETH for atleast 1 more year looks the best option.
I agree 100% they should stick with Eth.

The fundamental problem is still the huge holes in player talent. Until that is fixed every manager is pushing it up hill.

Use this transfer window to fix some of those issues, and see how Eth goes. If he fails, sack him next year when at least the squad is in better shape.

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Cantona was 26 when he joined United, as was Steve Bruce. Peter Coleslaw Schmeichel was 27. Oh Teddy, Teddy was 31.

15 Premier League titles between them and all picked up at bargain prices.
Yeah I think overall it's OK, but if the right player is available and they're over 25, they shouldn't be disregarded because of their age.

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