Traded Marc Pittonet [traded with #61 to Carlton for #54 and #63]

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Sep 17, 2006
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North Melbourne
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Pretty dominant at vfl level. He and Meese the 2 best rucks by a margin IMO. Finished 4th in the vfl Brownlow equivalent. averaged basically 40 hitouts, plenty to advantage. Runner up in the B&F.

whether it tranlates to afl remsins to be seen.

(would hate to lose him but would understand him seeking greater opportnity given he is at one of the few clubs with 2 afl quality 1st rucks)
Except Tom Campbell finished 3rd in the Liston ahead of him, named BOG x 9 times and averaged 24 touches, 34 hitouts and a goal a game, with one of those BOG's coming against Pittonet in his only game against Box Hill.

Campbell was named BOG against Meese in his only game against Williamstown as well, Meese had his lowest possession and hitout count for the year. Campbell had 22 disposals, 33 hitouts and 8 tackles.

Campbell was on another level this year and was probably robbed of the Liston in reality, North's AFL injury list killed the VFL side and its subsequent poor performance cost him the difference in votes.
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Oct 23, 2017
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Phillips is probably the better ruck, but Marc would probably come slightly cheaper in terms of salary and has scope to improve.

Phillips played his part in the rebuild.


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Jan 11, 2007
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Phillips has performed better at AFL level.
Phillips has performed to Zac Clarke levels at AFL level
Would have thought it would be smarter for Essendon to just go after Pittonet.

Admittedly the price tag of 5, 9 and McDonald-Tipungwuti might be a little steep for Dodoro
I'd have preferred someone like Darcy Cameron or Archie Smith. If only we chased Tom Campbell last year.

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Oct 7, 2005
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Phillips to Essendon, Pittonet to Carlton makes sense for both teams.

Phillips is a solid and under-rated ruck. Good tap ruck, good contested mark, reasonably mobile and a solid tackler, and gets forward and kicks goals. He is capable of being a solid starting ruck, but probably only has a year or two at his peak. Good fit for Essendon - I think he's better than Bellchambers, and certainly helps tide things over until Sam Draper is ready.

For Carlton, there's not much point hanging onto Phillips. He won't start ahead of Kreuzer ever, and in a couple of years when Kreuzer is done, he'll also be winding down. Pittonet is young and a year or two away from his prime, coming from a great development program, and cheap. Based on this year he can be a backup next year then look to take over as Kreuzer fades.

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