Racing March Daily Punt- Urban Ruler vs the Flemington Ambulance

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Jun 25, 2011
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Geez King Princess... races in Lloyd's silks for Hayes.

Dunno if this will be her day, but keen to see what she's got under the bonnet being by Reset.


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Jan 30, 2013
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Port Adelaide
ok bit bored

so given how much of a write off the east is: WA

ASCT - fair track
1) fave/pike wins. very open if it doesn't. no bet, correct price now.
2) profile of #1 is great but the 6 has it on the board. small bet #6 Pretty Style.
3) equal faves 2+7, 7 henty Gal presents small value and a small bet.
4) tough map with tear away leader. rebel knight if he can handle should be winning. medium bet
5) wide open. special reward strong profile but value all gone. no bet but if #3 could cross easily it's a chance to place.
6) bet of day Pym's Royale. looks like it may be better than these. LST much better than it looked maps to get smother could be going places. big bet.
Melvista) Fave big lay although on top, platoon slight unders but might not say that next week. if he does it again he'd almost be $1.50 come derby. small bet blackwood river probably goes forward pending cockney crew may lead at ease or at least trail it on reasonable tempo heading upwards. cant say that about too many others with field looking well exposed.
Oaks) Pike seems to have got this wrong. Dark Choice medium bet also like assetro but again gets to a bad place. Do a Pataky not a no-hoper at silly odds.
9) very small bet Peppijack just as a speculative. his last prep says theres something there where he could elevate, the mile first time might be the trick.

KALG - leaders/rail today. small fields and big %'s mean not much betting going on.
1) bells tower gets barrier 1 and should be leading which means i have it on top. In theory Another Demon ridden aggressively could find rail and put a bit on this group. no bet small field
2) #6 concrete madam clear top, some value not real keen taking the price though. i think it shortens but will only jump on with medium drift.
3) plain race. no bet
4) and the prize for worst maiden this year goes toooo.....
5) best value for day and best bet at Kalg. but that says something given its speculative. Icecrusher i'm hoping is sound and well and looks well overpriced if he is. currently $15 worth a medium bet.
6) #7 rare selection small bet. Looks Fernies pick, fit, consistent, good map all positive for day 1 kalgoorlie.


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Jan 30, 2013
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Port Adelaide


r2) #6 2.1u tote
r3) #7 1.5u tote
r4) #10 2.8u TF
r6) #10 6.9u fixed 2.50
r7) #3 1.4u tote
r8) #11 1.8u fixed 4.40


r2) #6 1.9u tote
r5) #7 2.7u fixed 15.00
r7) #7 1.2u fixed 12.00

divide by 2 for all those people that panic at non 100 unit banks.

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