MRP / Trib. Marlion Pickett, Umpires and the MRO. What is going on here?

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Mar 2, 2015
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I'm very surprised people thinks Lynch should be suspended for the Impey incident... From Robbo's outrage on 360, to people on the boards thinking Lynch is being treated differently to others... The Greene on Dangerfield suspension was brought up by both Robbo and Cornes... I'm astounded that people automatically go to the Greene incident on Dangerfield, when there was a similar, maybe worse action based on outcome, the week prior. Have we forgottten that Hogan concussed Bews with the same action the week before?

This head hunt on Lynch is quite frankly disgusting...

The only thing wrong with the Lynch incident is the umpire missing the high free kick to Impey.
Look mate... I don't give two shits about what those tossers Cornes and Robbo have to say about anything. I no longer watch any of their shows, I don't read anything they write and I think I'm smarter as a result of that.

I don't care either about your Richmond bias and your "leave him alone" defence of Lynch. I love your passion and I agree Lynch attracts his share of haters. He's an easy target: the big-money free agent who went to the best team. For non-Tigers fans, there was something very oily, cowardly and unlikeable about that move. Wasn't like he went to Richmond to help them break their flag drought. He was a top 5 forward going to the best team. Like Wayne Rooney going to Man United, or Cristiano Ronaldo going to Real Madrid. Good reason to hate a bloke. Plus he has a punchable man-baby head on his wide shoulders and a way of throwing his weight around, crashing late into opponents a foot shorter than him which draws the ire of people. I actually like that about him. But I can understand why people hate him, and if you barracked for any team besides Richmond, you'd probably hate him too.

None of that interests me however. The unwanted media and fan attention on Lynch is your bugbear. Not mine. Maybe now you understand 1/10th of how Hawthorn fans felt when everyone ripped into our players during our dynasty. Our "thug snipers" Hodge, Mitchell, Lewis... "Delicious" chicken wings Cyril... Pinchy Stratton... James Sicily for chrissakes... Has a young kid in the AFL ever been the recipient of such unfair treatment from oppo fans and media? Toby Greene basically decked opponents and got away with HEAPS... But his defenders whined about the "vendetta" against him. What did Sicily ever do besides looking angry and being feisty? FMD...

Let's not forget how opposition fans and the media hounded Buddy Franklin out of Melbourne. That's the reason he f**ked off to Sydney... Because campaigners here in Melbourne wouldn't leave him alone. I doubt we'll ever see another AFL superstar given the same amount of s**t that Buddy copped as Hawthorn player (on and off the field.) Harassed by people whenever he went out at night. Harassed by the media constantly writing about his night club antics like he was Johnny Depp. CONSTANT rumour-mongering about "Three Strikes" with campaigners like Robbo playing right into that with snide references when he missed weeks with a hamstring injury... Harassed by people climbing his back fence at home, FFS. People booing him because he tackled someone... Or booing him because he took another mark and kicked another goal... Constant media whinging about the natural arc he ran in prior to kicking... Or his body language... Or his celebrations to the crowd... Or his "me me me" attitude... Or his supposed "inconsistency"... All of it BULLSHIT...

Buddy was relentlessly targeted by the media every time he did anything remotely physical... Endless slow-mo replays of every slam tackle & bump.. Jealous clowns in the media trying to get him suspended (and often succeeding)... A free kick for in the back literally EVERY time he chased down an opponent and tackled them. (Look up the stats if you don't believe me.) It f**kin made me sick. People forget how victimised he was in his younger days at Hawthorn now that he's become a protected species in Sydney. It was actually a relief once he left and became everybody's favourite instead of Public Enemy No.1.

Buddy had a "don't argue" fend just as good as Dusty Martin. Even better actually because his arm was longer. It made him untackle-able for a while there. But every campaigner in the media and in the grandstand moaned about that and Jeff Gieschen the umpire's boss told his umpire's to penalise Franklin for high contact whenever he did it. Literally took away one of his weapons. Had to modify his game and was worse as a result. Can you imagine if they had done that to Dusty? It was bullshit because it wasn't high contact - it wasn't over the shoulder or in the neck - he was pushing down from his 198cm height down into their sternum region and oppo tacklers were feigning high contact, trying to milk a cheap free. It was a travesty they umpired this out of Buddy's game. Robbed us all of seeing some great goals and assists from Franklin as he shrugged off tackles like they were flies.

So excuse me if I don't lose any sleep over the "unfair" treatment of your star player, who got away with elbowing a little Hawthorn wingman in the head.

But I digress... :D

1) I can't remember the Greene elbow on Dangerfield. My google search says he got 1 week. Yep. Okay... Good. That's what I'm talking about.

2) I didn't see the Hogan elbow which left Bews concussed. I haven't been following the AFL too closely this year. But I hate this type of defence that biased footy fans always use. Just because the MRO made a mistake last week (either missed something, or was too harsh to suspend a player) that doesn't make this week's mistake correct. Two wrongs don't make a right. You've heard that saying, haven't you?

Maybe now we have another fricken issue here with the brain dead umpires and an idiot MRO who forget important fundamental rules of the game. I personally think they get bogged down with too much new information, too many new rule interpretations and they forget some of the eternal rules we always took for granted. Like they needed constant reminding.

I saw Lynch raise his forearm/elbow into the tackler Impey's face and split him open under the eyebrow. As I said, in my lifetime of watching footy, raising the elbow into the oncoming tackler's face has been an automatic suspension. No ifs or buts. And that's the way it should be. Can you imagine if every player did exactly what Lynch did as they were about to be tackled. Seriously, close your eyes and imagine a typical game of 100 tackles and 100 elbows being thrown. The game would take 4 hours to complete with constant blood rule interruptions.

Here's an idea: how about you set aside the "Leave Lynchy alone" defence for once this season and just admit that he got away with one against Impey?
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