Movie Marvel Studios: Spiderman - No Way Home (16 December 2021)

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May 6, 2005
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And the latest

Is that him?

The Multiverse is real! ......
Let's open the the media and entertainment door to the marvel cinematic thread


Love that Dafoe is back.
I got goosebumps watching that trailer.
I will no doubt be wrong again but im still gonna get guess the hand reaching out for MJ is Garfields spidey its just too remiscnicent of Gwen Staceys death.
I think its Holland's spidey. Some people saying he has to choose between MJ and Ned but if you looks closely when she falls, she is hanging onto the poll with Ned and falls. Maybe Holland drops her and Garfield is their to catch her with a line about not saving Gwen, but saving MJ. Also still not convinced Toby and Andrew are in the movie and glad they didn't tease it in the trailer.
This is from the Brazil trailer. Invisible kick to the head.

Pretty sure that’s Garfield’s hand reaching for MJ. Probably his redemption moment.
Doc Ock
Green Goblin
Green Goblin Jnr

Sinister 6 😍
Clearly it's Mephisto punching lizard
What's with all the secrecy bullshit, I'd rather the trailer just be honest and show us if the other Spidey's are in it. That would get more hype from me than this clickbait equivalent will they won't they crap.

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Also that hand reaching out to MJ in the end shot when she's falling is 100% Andrew. That ain't Holland's costume.
The 'you're not peter' is clear indication that there is a Tobey spiderman, question will be if it appears in the film.
I reckon up to three people could die. Could be any of Ned, Happy or May, even all 3. It'll be one of them, MJ is safe.

Reckon May and Happy will bite the dust
Yes I think Ned is in a bit of trouble, from the final few moments of that trailer, with he and MJ up on that scaffolding. Draws a lot of comparisons to the end of Spider-Man 3 and Amazing Spider-Man 2.
Most popular theory is that Garfields spiderman saves her in some sort of redemption arc for him
Yea that's what I think is going to happen, makes all too much sense.
Garfield's spiderman doesn't need a redemption arc, the idea that one will exist shows that the MCU still isn't getting spiderman.

Also do we have to spoiler points of discussion from a publicly released footage?
I did it because not everyone wants to read potential theories that may impact the story of the movie?
Highly doubt that theory. MJ has no connection to Garfield's Spidey so him saving her isn't as impactful as Holland's Spidey doing it.
I wouldn't call it redemption. Just that he is close enough to make the save.
That was surely the hand of Mephisto.
Ralph Bohners time to shine.
Saving Ralph Bohner.
So a few mentioning how Dr Strange seems off in the trailer. Which I agree with and just heard a theory that Wanda might be messing with him.

Yes I should know better after Wandavision but I just like the theory because the last we actually saw of her was reading the Darkhold and it could very much lead in to her being the villian in Multiverse of Madness.
The dark costumed Strange late in the movie makes me wonder if that could be the Doc from the What If episode.
Ive heard that theory also but they would have to replicate the events or something to explain it. I guess the same applies to the Wanda theory too though, even if alot more people would have watched Wandavision.
With the new Spidey movie they would have been better off showing no villains, and a reveal of the 3 spider-men. Then you could have all 3 doing promo work to hype the movie.

As much as I love who the villains are in this movie, that was a massive miss by Marvel.
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That’s why you couldn’t see him in the trailer.
I would love if they end this movie with Miles Morales and Spider Gwen entering the universe and just not going back.

And thats the easy way to kick off the MM SM and SG series. Make it a post credits thing and away you go.
With the multi verse and Disney marvel conglomerate, I’d not only like to see morales but also spider pig
Miles already exists in the current universe I believe. Aaron Davis (Donald Glover) was in Homecoming briefly. I don’t think he mentioned Miles by name, but he said something about his nephew. It was subtle. But I definitely took that as a reference of Miles‘ existence.
He does, and I imagine Gwen exists somewhere too, but likely not the Spider versions of them.
Not yet, but Miles’ time will come. The future of Holland’s version of Parker is unclear, after the inevitable Venom crossover/film he may want to move on Miles emerges over the next say 3-4 years.

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Jul 11, 2005
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It used to be "not another ******* zombie show".
Now it's "not another ******* superhero show".
Was there ever that many good zombie shows besides Walking Dead though? There is an absolute glut of hero movies, but to be fair I am only ever interested in the ensemble movies, or Spidey movies. The rest I end up seeing much later after I am told they are great (CA: Winter Soldier/Thor Ragnarok for example).

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