MRP / Trib. Match Review - General Discussion

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Cripps 'n' Blue Bloods

Sir Cripps of Carlton House
Mar 26, 2015
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Couldn't see a thread where general discussion can take place for MRO/MRP findings or missed incidents.
Happy for this to be merged if I've missed it.

Saw this incident pop up from someone on Twitter and wondered why it wasn't looked at by the MRP?

Nankervis goes into this contest clotheslining one Bulldogs player, while simultaneously punching English in the face and deliberately sticking his leg out to trip him.
Not sure anyone has committed three infringements at the same time before, so it's impressive, but last I checked, the strike to the face and the trip are both reportable offences, but nothing is mentioned in the round 4 match review report.

Feel free to discuss this incident, or add other incidents worthy of discussion as you see them.

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