Women's Footy Match Thread - Dogs vs Giants

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Fossie 32

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Oct 6, 2002
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1. I think we had a pretty even contribution in the midfield. Lamb had her usual highly influential game. Lochland was very productive too.

2. The umpiring seemed perfectly fine to me which might mean we were favoured by it;
I haven't checked the free kick stat.

3. Brown's form has definitely continued. Her game seems to have risen to another level and she's managing to sustain it.

4. I felt like Fitzgerald had a more quiet game but every time she was involved she was brilliant. It was a good enough game to retain her spot as the favourite for the rising star.
Us 19 them 14 :rainbow:


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Jun 29, 2015
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McKinnon was handy for them. Our rucks struggled to get many taps I noticed, but much like our AFL team, our mids still made it work.


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Dec 3, 2009
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Impressive win. I missed the match but have watched some highlights ... which is another way of saying I have seen a few of the goals that were scored. Unfortunately it doesn't tell you how the game was played.
Four questions:
1. Sounds like Ellie Blackburn was shaded (tagged?) this week, so who stepped up in the midfield in her absence?
2. How was the umpiring? Crap again? Or do we have to wait until we play at Victoria Park to get another taste of that?
3. Did Brown continue her impressive form in defence?
4. How was Fitzgerald this week? Did she have a quiet game? (It would be a first if she did.)

I note that Brown was named in our best but Fitzgerald wasn't.
Lochland sounds like she stepped up in the middle.

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