Matthew Nicks Adelaide's new coach

Are you on board with the AFC's decision to appoint Matthew Nicks?

  • Yes! Good call Adelaide

  • No, we'll regret this

  • I don't know enough about him yet to make a call either way

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Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 4, 2004
on planet Crow
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The best news about this is that the coach himself gets to state and run the direction of the team, without having to deal with Burton and Campo also having their own input. It will give him the greatest chance to change the club culture and really move us forwards.

Best of luck to him - let's hope it is a quick turn around.


Premium Gold
Oct 22, 2018
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Las Vegas Golden Knights, NY Mets
Not my first choice, rather have had a coach that has been part of a premiership team, but knows the Adelaide market well and rated highly from what I have read and he has my full support and knows what it is like to lose to Richmond in a grand final.

This time no pre season camps!!!!

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