May 2003 QF1737 Hijacking MEL-LST Flight

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Oct 1, 2002
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QF1737 was a Qantas aircraft that suffered an attempted hijacking back in May 2003 flying between Melbourne and Launceston. What should have been a very short hop across the ditch turned in to a horror story.

About 10mins after takeoff, one of the passengers stood up and tried to access the cockpit. As he headed towards the front of the plane, the would be hijacker produced some wooden stakes from his pocket and stabbed two flight attendants. One of the injured flight attendants tackled the hijacker and with the help of some passengers were able to subdue the hijacker.

Apon hearing the commotion behind them and being unable to reach cabin crew, the pilots declared PAN-PAN and returned to Melbourne.

The plane landed safely where the hijacker was arrested and the flight attendants and some passengers received medical treatment from ambulance members.

Very fortunate that the hijacker didn’t gain entry to the cockpit or things could have been far worse.

The hijacker wasn’t jailed but sent to a psychiatric hospital.

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Nov 17, 2007
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