Racing Melbourne Cup 2018 and all Cup Day discussion.(Posting of bets after the race will be carded)

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Mar 13, 2016
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Confusing the once a yearers on this board talking about the once a yearers. When do we get our board back?
Bloody annoying isn't it.

One minute the board is made up of guys like Sethlad and Danger Mouse, next minute my old username gets red carded and I lose interest in bigfooty. I log in now with a new username and theres all these new people saying when do we get ' our board ' back. Well when do I get my board back???

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Jan 30, 2013
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Port Adelaide
Used it to cart AQ into the race but AQ didn't have the turn of foot, looks to be a nice horse over more ground
yep confused.

i had them both running same figures last start(69-69.5). both outstanding late. both were over 1400m. both go to same race next start at same distance at same track and one starts $2.00 the other i took $44 on the exchange.

finish within 3/4L of each other after Pike used Parnham as a windshield. times like this make it impossible to back pike.

i had it like this.


still confused....


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Dec 6, 2007
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Good luck ... you could have Mister Ed backing you up, and you'll still end up going around in circles and the only ground that'll be shifted is them digging their heels in more

So who's the lightly (un)raced NH 3yo that'll be thrown in at the weights next year? The one(s) that make the cut will start short in the market, surely lightning won't strike 3 times.. Ladbrokes have My Hamada at $81 for MC 2019. Seems good value...


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Oct 24, 2008
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So how does Cliffs shatter his shoulder? Has lead up races and training for the biggest race of his career and breaks his shoulder a few hundred metres into the race. How does this happen? Surely they are thoroughly checked pre race.

Better Loosen Up

Norm Smith Medallist
Jan 2, 2009
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North Melbourne
These things can just happen sometimes. Horses can do it on their own just running around in a paddock. There was no interference or hard riding or anything like that at the time that contributed to it and there was no sign of any abnormality before the race. RV have stated that an autopsy will be carried out

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