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Oct 30, 2021
AFL Club
As threatened, the baseline pics (although not truly baseline, I've already dropped about 5kg in the six weeks beforehand) are in the new thread:


Premiership Player
Oct 13, 2011
AFL Club
West Coast
Age: 31
Height: 175
Weight: 79
Body type: Went from Ecto to between Endo and Meso
Qualifications in the industry: Watched 63 body building videos on YouTube

Supplements: Currently taking BsC Lean5, creatine, Vital all-in-one super greens (as I don't have enough F&V), and usually CLA

Diet: Too much processed food I think (protein and nut bars). Last day I tracked my macros: 38% carbs(280g), 36% fat(119g), 26% protein(191g) from 2,990 cals

Goals: Build as much lean muscle mass as I can

Achievements so far: Gaining weight was the first goal, went from 62kg at my lightest to 86kg at my heaviest. I now probably look 'bigger' than when I was my heaviest despite weighing 7kg less (fitbit scales say 21% bodyfat). Benching 100kg was an achievement I guess as that's not something I thought I'd ever be able to do.

Sport played: Previously played Footy, Athletics, Tennis, Squash, Cricket. Haven't really played any sport for about 9 years now, just been doing gym on/off for the last few years
I didn't include this with my original post but I probably should have. After not playing any sport for a few years I had no idea what sort of physical shape I was in, I had just always been thin. But in 2016 I saw this photo of myself (on the left) and thought "shit I think I need to something". To most people that's probably just an average physique, but from where I was coming from, that was probably the worst shape I'd ever been in. No definition, pecks starting to have a sagging appearance, kind of becoming skinny fat. Now on the right was last summer, about the best condition I've been in. I have been leaner but had no muscle (when I was 62kg). I'm a little bit heavier now but carrying a couple percent more body fat, so now I'm just trying to get back to that level, or exceed it.



Pussy patrol
Dec 15, 2020
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Age: 18 female
Height: 157cm / 5’2”
Weight: 63
Body type: I don’t think I fit the profiles but I have an hourglass, slim but wide hips and big quads haha
Qualifications in the industry: I’ve been in several high performance programs

- creatine, whey protein, EAA+BCAA ehp labs blend, multivitamins

Diet: It’s okay for an athlete, work definitely dictates what I eat.

Goals: Lean down a bit more but also become as fit as I can coming off an ankle injury now waiting for Covid test results.

Achievements so far: Did pre season with the northern knights but got cut because I got injured, lost 2kg and looking lean but obviously want to get better

Sport played: Played soccer up to 2019, in 2018 went to nationals with Victoria and played in the national championships. 2021 joined footy and got to do pre season with knights and now just gonna grind out this season
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I'll brik u
May 2, 2007
AFL Club
Other Teams
Chicago Bears, de Boer, Arsenal
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 72 kg
Goals: Get fitter, stronger and swim better.


Over at an old mining town pool a while back in March.
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