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We Await Silent Tristero's Empire
Nov 24, 2007
Memorial H
AFL Club
Other Teams
Hello everyone

As a member, I get a choice of a Cap, A Scarf, A Thermos, or a Drink Bottle.


I shudder to think what the unit cost is for any of these items*, but more MORE IMPORTANTLY THEY'RE ALLOWING PERSONALISATION.

It looks like they're allowing 12 alphanumeric symbols.

What should I do?

They'll probably not allow me to write rude things like TRIGGSUCKS (10 letters) or fu**YOUBURTON (13 letters) but I'm sure I could be creative. And by I, I mean you. Because there are no I's in teamwork... but there are five in Individual Brilliance.

How rude or funny or salient (Slippery Pete ) can you be with 12 letters and a deep knowledge of the Crows?

Best suggestions wins a bunch of likes, probably.

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