Membership 2021

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 27, 2004
Moana Heights Adelaide
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Have a Crows app, login, online membership, saved via app. Similar to my QFF card through the qantas app. Would be amazing.

Not 100% on mobile TICKETS though.

Collingwood game - Panicking because the tickets didnt get texted to me until 2h before the game
Richmond game - They only texted 1 ticket, had to get the other one printed at the gate. (And missed the first 5 minutes because of this)
Rich vs PA PF - Ticket wouldnt load at the gate, told theyd get me in quick if I provide an email. First one I find is SANFL SF and in the panic they let me in.

I attended what was it, 7 crows game at ao this year plus 3 SANFL games (rd 1, sf, gf) and 1 Port game and had issues in 3 of them.

Not sure a 70% flawless success rate is really endearing for Ticketek.
I had issues at two games. I was downloading tickets for my mate and me and twice one of the tickets was crook and had to line up at the window for a printed ticket. Would be ideal if they could get the bugs out of the system.


Mar 21, 2016
Down South Corvus Tristis
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Sturt, Redskins , White Sox
I am unsure

Like most its whether there are games in ''normal'' times and not scattered all over the week

But its difficult as these decisions wont be made until 3 months into paying memberships

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Brownlow Medallist
Mar 21, 2014
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Norwood, Canadiens, Maroons.
I really don’t want to be called a hero. Cheapens the word when we think of real heroes. Why do they do dumb sh*t like that.


Hall of Famer
Aug 17, 2007
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The Autobots and Team America
Cause it’s the only way we can sit with friends. You can’t buy seated tickets in a decent spot for 5 to 6 people.
Fair enough. Makes it a long day

Although my cousin and his five kids plus his wifes parents all have seats together. In the Eastern Stand.

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crows dude

Norm Smith Medallist
Jan 20, 2005
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Essential/AO Mrmbership is only good if you like to stand at the Footy.

Ridings Bar window and the terrace in front of the red bricks are the best viewing at the ground. But you have to stand.

I never understand why people get there 4 hours before the game (unallocated seating) or pay a premium for allocated seats on the side with the worst facilities.

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It’s good because you can have a large group of 15-20 mates all sitting in a group. Can’t get reserved seats like that. Having groups sitting together really helps generate atmosphere and gets the crowd around them going as well.


Guest of Her Majesty
Nov 7, 2002
Wentworth Detention Ctr
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Adelaide, Centrals
On board again for next season.

Ironically this season I switched from Essential Crows to a reserved seat - I like the flexibility of sitting in a different spot every game but my mates now have a young family, and I seem to have more pre-game commitments, which made getting reserved seats necessary. I then ended up sitting in the members area for all but 2 games this season anyway (maybe it's a sign I should've stuck to Essential Crows haha).

I managed to get to all but 1 of the home games we were allowed to go to (and lent my barcode to someone for the other game). I pledged 100% and requested a tax deduction receipt, so I think I got my monies worth in 2020 in the end.

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