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Aug 29, 2010
AFL Club
Other Teams
Winnipeg Jets
Pike May Bishop
Ferguson Bizzell Howe
Scully Woey Thompson
Kent Smith Petracca
Fitzpatrick Jurrah Bugg
Simmonds Vince Mckenzie

Gaspar Longmuir Sullivan Clark

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Feb 21, 2011
AFL Club
(May have missed some or made errors - apologies if so.)

Daniel Nicholson (32/4)
Greg Doyle (29/14)
Paul Bryce (26/3)
Phil Gilbert (25/6)
Shannon Byrnes (23/17)
Chris Lamb (21/1) Topkent
Glenn Molloy (20/4)
Haydn Robins (20/1)
Craig Smoker (17/12)
Andy Goodwin (17/0)
Luke Norman (16/3)
Shane Valenti (15/5)
Craig Ellis (15/1)
Michael Pickering (15/12)
Oskar Baker (13/4)
Aidan Riley (13/3)
Ross Funcke (13/4)
Leigh Newton (13/6)
Clay Sampson (13/1)
Corey Wagner (11/6)
Harry Petty (11/6)
Jace Bode (9/3)
Don Cockatoo-Collins (9/3)
Mitch Clisby (8/1)
Trent Ormond-Allen (8/1)
Andrew Ford (8/1)
Alex Georgiou (7/9)
David Grant (7/0)
Mathew Mahoney (6/0)
Harley Bennell (5/3)
Kyle Dunkley (5/3)
Dom Barry (5/0)
Steven Pitt (5/2)
Todd McHardy (5/1)
Michael Polley (5/0)
Stuart Cameron (5/1)
Mitch White (4/0)
John Meesen (4/0)
Tom McNamara (4/1)
Nick Smith (4/0)
Luke Ottens (4/0)
Mark Bradly (4/3)
Nick Pesch (4/0)
Grant Williams (4/5)
Tom Couch (3/0)
Gary Moorcroft (3/2)
James Cook (3/8)
Nick Carter (3/1)
Scott Simister (3/2)
Stephen Wearne (3/2)
Trevor Spencer (3/0)
Kade Kolodjashnij (2/1)
Declan Keilty (2/0)
Kyle Chandler (2/0)
Corey Maynard (2/1)
Tom Gillies (2/0)
Troy Davis (2/1)
Josh Tynan (2/0)
Cameron Hunter (2/0)
Hayden Lamaro (2/0)
David Cockatoo-Collins (2/0)
Martin Heppell (2/0)
Adrian Campbell (2/5)
Wayne Lamb (2/0)
Brian Stynes (2/0)
Robert Hickmott (2/0)
Bradley Campbell (1/0)
Wayne Henwood (1/0)
Shane Burgmann (1/0)
Phil Egan (1/0)
Fabian Francis (1/0)
A few random thoughts here:

  1. Remember seeing Chris Lamb murdered by Barry Hall at Waverley in approx 1996. He was never going to make it after that.
  2. Simister debuted on Queen's Birthday from memory, and kicked a goal.
  3. Couch & Valenti were, in hindsight, such junk draft picks and showed why we treaded water for so long.
  4. Donald & David Cockatoo-Collins had less talent combined than Che.
  5. Shannon Byrnes is of course still at the Club as a runner. Looks like he genuinely cares for the Club. Wish we had gotten him earlier.
  6. Glenn Molloy was exceptionally kind to me as a 6 year old when I was the mascot for the 1994 Prelim Final, and suddenly got realy anxious and upset and didn't want to do it. He was the travelling emergency and spent a good 10 mins with me calming me down. Some of you may recall I have then shared the story of Dean Irving telling me to hurry the fu** up as we ran through the banner. Good times.
  7. Was so excited by the signing of Moorcroft. What a let down lol. Cook a beauty as well - worked out that was who you guys were talking about earlier. Didn't he then go to Footscray?
  8. Kicking a football back to Craig Ellis at Trevor Barker Oval one preseason, after goalkicking practice when the boys were wearing yellow training jerseys, I hit and broke the points post.


My username is Headless. 🤗
May 27, 2006
AFL Club
Hi all. Before we go to the bracket, please make any amendments to your teams/preferred line-ups below - otherwise these are the ones I'll use. :) I'll also make all of the formats the same, and use initials etc. to avoid confusion.

B: Jetta Nicholson Hopgood
HB: Ward Nettelbeck Bell
C: Seecamp Sylvia N Brown
HF: Chisholm T McDonald Dyson
F: Robertson Cuthbertson Johnson
R: Spencer Jones Rigoni
I: Keogh Pyman Heaver Motlop

B: J Lockhart - A Ingerson - D Terlich
HB: J Bennell - O McDonald - D Ward
C: E Langdon - S Godfrey - C Johnson
HF: S Blease - J Hogan - R Petterd
F: P Vardy - B Holland - S Armstrong
R: M Gawn - C Oliver - P Read
I: K Cheney - D Hughes - I Weetra - S Buckley

B: M Collins - L Dunn - J Lever
HB: M Hibberd - A Tomlinson - J Wagner
C: B Pickett - S Powell - B Stretch
HF: L Tapscott - M Clark - T Sparrow
F: M Hannan - A Jakovich - C Spargo
R: S Martin - B Moloney - J Trengove
I: J Jordon - R Owen - D Rodan - B Newton

B: M Whelan, C Garland, C Bartram
HB: J Grimes, J Sellar, P Wheatley
C: C Morton, D Tyson, M Jones
HF: D Kowal, B Miller, C Heffernan
F: A McDonald, C Dawes, M Newton
R: J White, B McLean, A Yze
I: M Evans, J Gysberts, A Maric, B Kennedy

B: Strauss, Shanahan, Broadbridge
HB: Salem, Prymke, J. Macdonald
C: Turley, Obst, Cross
HF: Davey, Schwarz, Harmes
FF: Wonaeamirri, Jackson, Melksham
R: Jamar, Leoncelli, Viney
I/C: Magner, Beams, M.Brown, Toumpas

B: P Walsh N Carroll M Hore
HB: J Hunt J Rivers T Rivers
C: M Febey J Norrish T Johnstone
HF: C Bruce S Weideman K Pickett
F: S Charles D Neitz B Fritsch
R: B Preuss J McDonald A Clarkson
I: J Hilton J Smith D O'Brien D Irving

B: M. Warnock J. Frawley T. Bedford
HB: J. Lewis S. Frost H. Lumumba
C: M. Bate B. Green A. vandenBerg
HF: A. Neal-Bullen J. Watts J. Kennedy Harris
F: J. Farmer C. Pedsersen J. Garlett
Fol: D. Jolly A. Brayshaw B. Grgic
Int L. Williams V. Michie A. Lamprill T. Smith

B: Pike May Bishop
HB: Ferguson Bizzell Howe
C: Scully Woewodin Thompson
HF: Kent Smith Petracca
F: Fitzpatrick Jurrah Bugg
R: Simmonds Vince Mckenzie
I: Gaspar Longmuir Sullivan Clark
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My username is Headless. 🤗
May 27, 2006
AFL Club
Hi all. See voting/analysis thread:


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