Delisted Michael Hartley [drafted to Hawthorn in the preseason draft]

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Dec 6, 2005
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Western Bulldogs
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Footscray, The Exers
Yeah I don't really get the digs at the Bombers here. Seems a pretty straightforward case of cold reality. Don't know much about him but obviously wish him well.

Awful lot of puff and filler on their website but this is worth a read:

He is instantly one of the more honest players in the competition. Good luck to him.


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Jun 23, 2014
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A little disappointed to lose him as he is very good depth but obviously happy for him to leave for the reasons he's given. Have to say I disagree with the comments about him offering what Frost doesn't. Despite having the height for it, I really don't think he's strong enough to play on the big big guys (Hawkins, Lynch, Kennedy, McDonald etc) and too slow to play on more agile key forwards (Cameron, Franklin, De Goey). He gets lost a bit when the ball is moving at speed but he is an excellent kick and could work well as part of Hawthorn's team defence, will be interesting to see how it plays out and if he gets much game time.

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