News Michael Voss departs for Carlton

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Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 17, 2017
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Good luck Vossy

Always reckon you gave it your best.

Good time to part ways though after 7 years without even a gf, lets face it.

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Us against the rest

Brownlow Medallist
Sep 26, 2012
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Port have beaten Carlton the last 6 times. A loss will be a good kick up the arse.

Our record was 11-1-3 at end of 2006, then went to 15-1-13 at end of 2016, now is 21-1-13.
Ken is going to be under so much pressure next year, a bit more spice against Carlton from now on I reckon.

Expat power

Team Captain
Aug 4, 2015
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
I'll be happy if we don't replace Voss. That position was created for him. I don't think it's an automatic step for Montgomery, Bassett et al. Also happier to keep the $ when all of our assistants are complaining of more hours to work and less pay.

*should clarify that I don't want to replace Voss with existing staff, if Choco/Kingsley etc wanted to take the spot, all good.


Brownlow Medallist
Apr 24, 2020
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Ken has poo poo'd Choco returning a few times on radio over the years it's not happening at least while he's there.

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Brownlow Medallist
Apr 10, 2014
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
He'll be a much better coach this time around.

When he started coaching Brisbane in 2009, he had only retired from playing in 2006. He then had one year in the media and one year as an assistant at West Coast I believe? He was nowhere near ready to be coach back then, whereas this time around he's been an assistant coach for the past 7 years.


Club Legend
Aug 13, 2013
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
So all that effort and 3 months of awful PR to get Voss who's what 'maybe possibly better' well done Carlton 😆
Yup. Absolutely shafted Teague for another long shot coach, one who was previously a disaster as a head coach.

I like Voss, but as a carlton fan I would be gutted.

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