Mickey Mouse Cup Champions: South-Eastern Polar Bears

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Pie 4 Life

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Oct 5, 2003
Dragon Island
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Congratulations to sr20 for winning the innaugral Mickey Mouse Cup :thumbsu:

While he had a lot to do to catch up, a huge record-breaking score of 379.

Six players scored over 30 points and they fully deserve their win.

Mickey Mouse Premiership Team:

Brendon Goddard 22
Heath Grundy 35
Taylor Walker 18
Jack Gunston 7
Dustin Martin 63
Ryan Griffen 40
Stephen Milne 36
James Kelly 60 (30x2c)
Jack Redden 86

Coach: sr20
Overall Score: 739.5 (3-0)

Runner Up: The Repeaters 736.5 (3-0)
3rd: The Ladyboys 664.5 (2-1)
4th: The Lightning 602.25 (2-1)


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Sep 20, 2011
AFL Club
Wow, wasnt expecting that at all!

Was out all day and night yesterday so I didn't even check the Dogs v Roos game to see how Griffin went. What a pity I didnt pick Reid as a forward instead of Gunston, I would have clocked the 400 mark!

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