Mid season draft 2024

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Happy with first 2 pics but more I think of it , why did we not roadtest a ruck , right now I see Ryan being delisted unless he improves like 300%, make that 500 . May would have been it , he’s a huge young lad , are we waiting for him to have another 4-5 games like last Saturday then the whole world knows of him
I’m of the same opinion although it makes me think we must have a plan in place. Either we are quietly confident on what Hayes-Brown can become or we are looking at bringing in a ruck from another club. If Baker was to head to west coast/freo perhaps we are looking at their young rucks.

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I was expecting Essendon to take a player from our VFL team yet again, but instead they took a player from the Bachar Houli academy, the first to be drafted I believe.

But of course they did.

What next? Do they poach Tom Lynch for 2025?

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