Prediction Mid Season Draft. 3 picks. Who do we hope to pick up?

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Apr 30, 2016
AFL Club

Round 1

1. North Melbourne

2. Richmond

3. West Coast Eagles

4. St Kilda

5. Hawthorn

6. Brisbane Lions

7. Adelaide Crows

8. Western Bulldogs

9. Carlton

10. Collingwood

11. Melbourne

12. Port Adelaide

13. Essendon

14. Sydney Swans

Round 2

15. North Melbourne

16. Richmond

17. Brisbane Lions

18. Adelaide Crows

19. Collingwood

Round 3

20. Richmond

We've got picks 2,16 & 20. Surely the club takes best available at pick 2 and can look to fill specific needs with the remaining picks? North are rumoured to be into KP but I've got a sneaky gut feeling they'll stockpile another mid because they clearly have no idea what they're doing and probably expect more draft concessions EOY after receiving 3 end of 1st rounders last year. Picks 16 & 20 are at the mercy of the other teams needs but would be awesome to nail pick 2 and land 100+ gamer who's automatically best 22.

"Players considered to be at the top of the draft pool include Tasmania’s Geordie Payne, Collingwood VFL’s Jack Hutchinson and West Perth’s Jasper Scaife. But the Tigers will surely assess the key-position markets.

They’ve been linked to 196cm Peel Thunder defender Jacob Blight, who’s had an excellent WAFL league season and recently starred for his state against South Australia.

Could they look at 200cm forward-ruck Toby Murray? He’s shown glimpses as a forward, as well as back-up ruck ability, for Adelaide’s SANFL side this year.

The Tigers could also look at ex-Power ruck Brynn Teakle, or could look to bring in Joe Pike in more of a development selection. Pike (203cm, 19 years old) has been one of the Coates Talent League’s most impressive rucks so far this season, booting 3.3 and averaging 15.2 disposals, 3.8 tackles, 3.4 marks and 24.4 hit-outs from five games.

Richmond VFL defender Mutaz El Nour loomed as a name to watch next Wednesday, with the VFL Tigers pumping out plenty of AFL-level talent in recent years with Hawthorn’s Massimo D’Ambrosio and Essendon’s Sam Durham plucked from Richmond’s reserves. But El Nour recently suffered a shoulder injury that will likely sideline him for a couple of months — and considering the Tigers’ current injury crisis, it’s unlikely they’ll turn to him."

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Our recruiters would have had their eyes out studying players since Gibcus then Clarke went down. So I'm pretty sure they will be far more across players than any of us on here who are going by videos or a few journo's reports, and have probably watched most of the fancied ones play every week or so, and studied their tapes.

We have a good history in picking up players who have made the grade who have not been in the eye of recruiters. Broad, Baker and Lambert to name three, so I won't be surprised if we go left of centre tonight.
  1. Pike
  2. El Nour
  3. Depends what's available.
we need to look longterm and make sure we still secure a top 3 pick in the ND.
Bummbers will probably take El Nour..lets be honest.

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Who we get and who i want are 2 different things so i will go with who we get

#2 - Will McLachlan
#16 - Remy McLean
#20 - Sam Davidson
Would be pretty happy with this although I like El Nour with our last pick. I reckon if he was on our list earlier this season he would have been playing regular footy in the seniors. Looked to have come on leaps and bounds from last year so he’s on the upward spiral. Having said that if nobody takes him he could still be an option with spp next year if he continues to improve when he returns from injury. Very keen on Mclachan tho, looks a class act although we don’t seem to be linked to him at all. Seems as tho we might take Blight or even teakle/pike with our first pick.

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