Mega Thread Minnesota Timberwolves Thread - The Finch Era begins

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Jan 26, 2020
AFL Club
That was an awesome game. Target Centre was going off. Hope Pat Bev ain't out for long as without major injuries we should at least make the play ins.
Finch has got his rotations down now. The last 5 games consistency is only what we are after as T wolves fans, win 75-85% percent of games we should win against lesser sides, which there are a few(that feels strange), play well at home and win a few against top opposition.
End of game scenarios still need some work as we still become to stagnant on offense but boy does it look like we are starting to buy into the defense side.
A couple of weeks ago the season already seemed dead (again) but some easy wins against bad sides and yesterday should give our team some confidence to match with anyone, when we bring energy.


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Aug 11, 2006
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Timberwolves, Crystal Palace
Great win today

We had NOTHING going for us, Dlo single handedly won off talent alone, Foul calls were shocking, Edwards off, KAT and Vando getting fouled out

Huge result. We're .500 20 games in, Getting two wins out of a tough 3 game stretch so far I would take, We have a real chance against indiana at home then Washington.

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