Mega Thread Minnesota Timberwolves Thread - trust the pRosas.


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8m is High for a PG who cant create his own shot. He's an EXCELLENT back up PG. He's VanVleet without the 3p Range.

8M a year is too much. 15m 3 years yeah we gamble, Cap space to sign someone next to towns is more important then keeping a great bench PG.

Saric move was good. I'll fight anyone on this. Especially Dannnnnnnnnn (High noon, 3pm Werribe Carpark) Saric just didnt fit in with us. Wildly inconsistent shot, He wasn't a difference maker for us. Plus he's going to be offfered 12m+ from other teams. We're going to cap space and after going hard on 3 expiring rookie deals only Kat's has made sense even at the time before he's earned a cent of it. We can all agree the Wiggins/Dieng were iffy as soon as pen hit paper.

We moved from pick 11 which the talent dried up after Rui. I think Heroo/ Little have talent but it was a draft with some great top end talent, some potential all stars through 4-10 and just fell off massively. They drafted Cam Johnson, I think his ceiling is a bad season from Buddy Hield. Cutler should be a 10 year pro. I know we were going for garland, But i think We played our hand of wanting Garland too much,Cleveland picked him up in hopes we would cough up a future first in a trade. More then Happy for Rosas to og "Thanks but you have two players in the exact same height, mould and type of player, good luck with it!"

Happy for it, clears space for 2020, Where while the FA agency pool is try 2021 is good. If KAT shows signs of still being a 25-12, Get some good rookie/value deals. We are right in the running to sign a second guy

Rosas obviously see's the Signing wiggins to 30m, Dieng to 16m and Teague crippled us. because he's not a dumb s**t trying to get us bounced out of the first round as a sucess

It's all about building around KAT,
We did that a bit with Russell too. Although it probably wasn’t a secret we’d be targeting PGs.. just wish we’d played our cards a bit closer until deals are over the line. Telegraphing your moves sets you up for disappointment. “We’ve got pathways to clear the cap” getting everyone’s hopes up. Lakers and Knicks being arrogant in their pursuits of Kawhi and KD/Kyrie. The sides that have been successful have been the ones that have just got in and got the job done, rather than trying to justify it to everyone before it’s over the line. If the Clippers missed out on PG13 and Kawhi for example, you would never have thought it was a possibility. That’s the path I’d prefer us taking.

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our shot chart against Dallas. Looking good! Notice no s**thole long 2's. I expect going on the season KAT will still be able to take elbow jumpers
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