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Unsolved Missing Persons Week- Daly, Pendergast, Morgan and McWilliams

Discussion in 'Crime' started by GreyCrow, Aug 7, 2018.

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    4 missing men all connected

    Four suspected murders during the 1990s have been linked by South Australian police as they probe a number of criminal associations and drug dealings.

    Major Crime Investigation Branch officers have concluded the disappearances and suspected murders of Leo Daly, David McWilliams, Robert Pendergast and Juan Morgan appear to be connected.

    Juan Morgan was 15 when he disappeared in early 1992 and they believed the teenager was taken to a location, possibly in the east of regional South Australia, and shot dead, then his body buried.

    Police think the teenager had stolen a car from a criminal associate and damaged property.

    two suspects being linked to his death, one was also thought to be involved in the disappearances and suspected murders of three other victims, Mr Daly, Mr McWilliams and Mr Pendergast, police said.

    Mr Daly, 33, was last seen alive in April 1998 and police said he had drug debts.

    A drug debt is also thought to be behind Mr Pendergast's killing in 1999.

    In late July 1998, Mr McWilliams, 39, was shot and buried, possibly also in the east of regional South Australia, police said.

    Officers said the thought he was silenced after boasting about his own and others' involvement in Mr Daly's murder.

    Bodies may be in Murraylands/Monarto Zoo area

    "The only information investigators have is that three of the victims (Juan Morgan, David McWilliams and Robert Pendergast) may be have been disposed of east of Adelaide but as far as a region goes, we cannot be more specific," he said.

    "A search was conducted at the Ferries McDonald National Park, near Monarto in 1999, but nothing was located and that area could not be further advanced."

    Strong Suspect in Riverland

    A RIVERLAND man who cannot be identified for legal reasons may be one of South Australia’s most prolific serial killers.

    Well-known to police because of his criminal activities during the past 25 years, he is being investigated for his possible involvement in the murder of four of his associates who vanished over a seven-year period in the 1990s.

    While the man, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, has been the central figure in a police Major Crime Investigation Section investigation codenamed Operation Jarrah for some time, detectives have been unable to obtain crucial evidence needed to secure a breakthrough in the case.

    The key suspect in the suspected murders was the ringleader of a group of men involved in a variety of crimes, including car theft and rebirthing, drug-dealing and importation, stolen goods property-related offences and standover tactics throughout the 1990s.

    As part of the long-running investigation, detectives have seized several stolen cars, firearms, drugs and other stolen items.

    The suspect has served time in prison in SA for drug offences and impeding another major investigation.

    While the group is no longer involved in criminal activities together, the key suspect is still on police radar — and that of other criminals.

    Several years ago, the suspect was severely bashed by members of the Finks bikie gang.

    He suffered severe head injury and spent several months in rehabilitation at the Hampstead Centre. He was interviewed by detectives following that incident but, not surprisingly, provided no assistance to police.


    Reading between the lines I think people could find the name of this suspect if they looked hard enough. Some of the info rings a bell and the method of at least one disappearance ties in with the alleged (story told to me personally) disposal of Steve Williams
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