Certified Legendary Thread Mitch watch - get that boy a contract - UPDATE: 2 year contract secured!

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Sep 7, 2007
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One poor effort by Mitch and people have him out the door as they do Cutler.

But many others and I don't even need to name them have bad game after bad game and people roll out that they should be given more chances or given contract extensions. If only half of those players bled for the club as much as Mitch.:rolleyes:

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Oct 23, 2015
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Brisbane Lions
This week and last seems really quiet. In a post game interview a few games ago he said he didn’t go to the coaches debrief as he’d hurt his back and was in with the physios. Carrying a niggle maybe?? That mark last week could have triggered it again.

Cmon Mitch - come back after the bye as your normal wrecking ball self.

T Rick

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Sep 20, 2007
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I reckon Mitch is playing hurt...
I love what good Mitch brings to the team but his undisciplined acts have cost us multiple goals this season and he really needs to eliminate this from his game - he is too experienced for that type of negative impact on the team.



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Oct 13, 2015
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Whether he is playing hurt or not he could absolutely stop giving away silly off the ball free kicks. He's done it every week the last month and it has cost us goals.

He went through large stretches of games without doing it the last 3 years so its not like it is an ingrained habit.


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Apr 4, 2015
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This thread is silly . He's been in our top 6 or 7 players all year.

Kicked a few miracle goals when we needed them as well.

What do people expect ,just keep nearly killing yourself every week ,every game . He's had a bit of a niggle .

Some players just seem to draw heat completely irrelevant to their performance.

I love Mitch and what he brings. The Cutler haters can take a running jump as well.

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Oct 23, 2015
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Brisbane Lions

Here's a few comments from Alastair Lynch
Mitch Robinson may have some rough edges, but the Lions shouldn’t try to change him, writes Alastair Lynch
Alastair Lynch, The Courier-Mail

Mitch Robinson is an uncut diamond.

But not for a minute do I wish Brisbane would polish his rough edges.

The 30-year-old was on the scrapheapwhen his time came to an end at Carlton. The

Lloyd locked in for busy final day

He is now indispensable and a real heartbeat of the club. It must be frustrating at times for Chris Fagan, especially when he gives away his routine 50m penalty or two on game day.

However, what may seem on the surface to be a slightly contradictory personality adds to his value to the club — both on and off the field.

I was thrilled to receive a text message after the game on Sunday from a friend and business associate in Sydney who is also a huge Lions fan.

Mitch Robinson has been brilliant for the Lions. Picture: AAP Images

When I saw his name ping on to my screen, I expected a message about the excitement of the game and what a great result it was.

However, it was a photo of a girl holding footy boots.

He went on to explain that Robinson had heard the little pocket of Lions fans at Giants Stadium cheering loudly for them during the game and had made his way over to them after the siren.

All the players acknowledged the supporters, but he and Harris Andrews lingered far longer, signing autographs and posing for photos.

Robinson went one step further and signed his boots and gave them away.

No one reading this about Andrews would be surprised. It is another reason he has been earmarked as the club’s next captain.

But some may not realise just how passionate Robinson is about the club and the great effort he makes to give every fan a bit of his time.

That is “good Mitch”, and I reckon it far outweighs what some might call “bad Mitch”.

He had a few troubles as a young man that may have created a perception that is inaccurate.

He was expelled from school for fighting but since then has shown an aptitude for educating himself.

He has a real estate licence, small business certificate and will soon do a list management course.

Carlton sacked him for lying about an eye injury. When the truth came out, it turned out he had been punched while trying to protect teammate Jeff Garlett.

From afar, when you see the tattoos and the on-the-edge way he plays, he would have been the last player I thought would be either interested in doing anything in the media or be any good at it.

But he’s both. He has studied sports journalism, does a podcast that is entertaining, and journalists I’ve spoken to says he is always a delight to talk to.

On the field, his rough edges are exactly what Brisbane need.

Sure the penalties aren’t ideal but it is a fine line all aggressive players tread.

The way he plays keeps opposition players on their toes.

It is far better to have a player who brings that intimidation naturally than to try to manufacture it on a needs basis.

You could give him any job or ask him to shut down any player in the competition and know he would die trying.
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Oct 23, 2015
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Brisbane Lions
And for those of you who didn't manage to catch his rip through it podcast with Eddie Betts a few points-

At Carlton Eddie was the young player piper. Mitch moved in with him and other young players gravitated to him. When Eddie was being offered his final contract from Carlton, Eddie and his manager talked about how he felt his inclusiveness was a positive for the young club, and he felt some would leave if he did. According to Mitch it did impact. He says many of them lost their love of the club when Eddie was moved on, and he told of players who tried to move with Eddie, himself included. Many of them did end up leaving, though Mitch is the only that I know of that was sacked.

So lets look at Mitch - the young guns are always at his place - stories include Mitch wondering what the noise in the backyard is and its young players playing with Chance, young players go to Chance/kids events such as first day at Auskick, last week young players got out in the half time break and ran some of the Auskick games, Mitch's wife is always cooking for players, Mitch's kids birthday parties shoe lots of young players attending, Mitch is the club hairdresser cause they boys are there and he might as well cut their hair.

The haircuts and the podcast show are real time examples for the young players on life being more than the games they are playing right now, and learning new things is important cause you need to keep an eye to the end of your afl career. This is real time leadership that, like Eddie from whom he learn't from, has a bigger than noted positive impact on the club and its culture.

Mitch has openly talked to the young players about being in a big Victorian club, what its really like and the advantages of being out of that cauldron. Hodge and others say the same thing but Mitch's message is getting through via different channels precisely because he did get sacked. A teenager with a bit of rascal in them can actually hear the message from someone they can see a bit of themselves in.

Sure he makes mistakes, but modelling how to bounce back and learn from them is, I would argue, better leaderships for some than a guy who has never made mistakes and can maintain unfaltering linear progression. Lester will have players who look to him and hang off what he says, just like Mitch has kids at his place constantly.

I believe that if Mitch was dropped back to the twos in future years he will still bring his energy and motivation to other players. Sure atm we don't need it, but we are only ever a few injuries away from needing development leaders there.

Why the hell have we heard zip about him getting another contract? A simply we are working on it would be great. And if we are genuinely looking to move him on I'd like to understand why. And where Rayner et al are going to hang out once he has left.

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