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Modalsoul Media

May 12, 2021
AFL Club
Hey everyone, I am Modalsoul Media.

I upload weekly content based on historical or memorable events in AFL/VFL history. I put a lot of effort into my production and editing and aim to have each video better than the last.

I have noticed the popularity for this type of content in American sports and figured that we need something like that in Australia (think NFLFilms, TPS, Secret Base mixed with wavywebsurf).

My latest video discusses the infamous 'Stephen Milne bounce' in the 2010 Grand Final.

Here are some other topics I have already covered:
Stuart Dew's 5 minute Grand Final dominance
Franklin vs Fevola: race to 100 goals
Nick Davis' Semi Final heroics
The Sirengate controversy
The Karmichael Hunt and Israel Folau experiment

I read all comments and would love any feedback or suggestions.

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