Toast Moderator Changes! Welcome Snuffaluphagus and BeinPurplenGreen

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Aunty Allikat
May 13, 2014
at the footy
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Roys, Melb Stars, Gryffindor
Hi everyone. We've had a bit of a moderator reshuffle of the board, and I'd like to welcome aboard Snuffaluphagus and BeinPurplenGreen to the Freo moderating family! Thanks so much for helping out. I'll be staying on board too (you can't get rid of me that easy).

Lets all nicely welcome them :thumbsu:

Monument Hills

Club Legend
Dec 12, 2017
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Hufflepuff, Wildcats, WCE womens
with respect to Taylor and the past, these two new mods would have to be the best in the history of the board. Not kidding. Sorry in advance for making you work hard tho...:moustache:

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