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Brisbane does not endorse any specific or general advice given on this site.

Do your own research before acting on any advice given on this site.

Users passing on advice on this site are doing so in a non-professional capacity.

Seek your own professional advice before acting on advice given on this site.


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Re: Money Board Disclaimer - Read before participating.

Further to the above post - please read the following -

Just a few bits of information regarding offering Financial Advice on this board, and a few legalities surrounding it.

Don't rely on advice about financial matters from someone without a licence
Anyone providing financial advice must hold an Australian financial services licence, often referred to as an AFSL. Otherwise they must be employed by someone with an AFSL, and be authorised and properly qualified to give advice.

It is essential to make sure that any advice you receive comes from a licensed financial adviser, rather than unscrupulous operators or even well-meaning friends, family or colleagues. It’s easy to check if someone holds the necessary licence by checking the Public Register on the Asic website.


Who can give you personal advice?

Generally, the only people permitted by law to give you personal financial advice are those who work for, or represent, a financial advisory business that holds an Australian financial services (AFS) licence.
How to check whether a business or person is licensed

Licensed advice covers superannuation, insurance, shares, managed funds as well as many basic banking products.
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